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Envirosoft Corporation

Envirosoft Corporation

Envirosoft Corporation is a leading provider of cost-effective environmental and regulatory software solutions, specifically tailored to the Oil and Gas industry. As subject matter experts, we have a strong reputation in the areas of web-based application development, technical environmental expertise, custom development and integration, as well as data management services.

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6131 - 6th Street SE, Suite 209 , Calgary , Alberta T2H 1L9 Canada
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Software vendor
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Mission Statement
Envirosoft is dedicated to identifying environmental and regulatory data management problems facing the oil and gas industry, and to developing effective business solutions, including software and supporting services, for our customers to overcome these challenges.

Developing and maintaining strong client relationships through the provision of software and services is the cornerstone of our success.

Envirosoft Products Inc. was incorporated in February 2003.  The prototype for Envirosoft’s first commercial software application, Emission Manager, was developed over the following four months; EnCana Corporation signed on as Envirosoft’s first client in November 2003.

The initial product development of Emission Manager (and associated data integration projects with production accounting systems for the purposes of developing comprehensive emission intensity information) was also recognized and accepted under Industry Canada’s Scientific Research and Development Program (SR&ED) as being a significant “technological advancement.”

Further development and enhancements to Emission Manager’s functionality have been ongoing since its inception in 2003, including a major expansion of Emission Manager’s calculation and reporting capabilities.
Envirosoft’s current list of clients includes:

  • EnCana Corporation (since 2003)
  • Talisman Energy (since 2004)
  • ConocoPhillips Canada (since 2005)
  • Burlington Resources Canada (merged with ConocoPhillips in 2006)
  • Canadian Forest Oil (since 2004)
  • Advantage Energy (since 2005)
  • Taylor NGL Processing (since 2007)
  • Mazeppa Processing Partnership (since 2007)
  • True Energy Trust (since 2007)
  • Niska Gas Storage (since 2007)

Envirosoft was originally branded as a software development company and was very focused on the provision of its flagship product, Emission Manager, to oil and gas companies.  However, it later became apparent that Envirosoft’s offerings and value proposition go well beyond the provision of software.  Services in the areas of environmental consulting, data management and information technology (IT) development projects comprise a significant portion of the overall solution demanded by these companies.  They neither have the time nor the internal resources (and in many cases, the internal expertise) to undertake all of the steps required for effective emissions management and reporting, and look to Envirosoft to provide this support on an ongoing basis.

Accordingly, the company's name has been changed to Envirosoft Corporation, and its offerings are broken into the following four primary service areas:

  • Environmental consulting
  • Provision of web-based enabling software tools
  • Data management services
  • IT Services (data integration and enhancement projects)

At Envirosoft, we believe that we offer a number of key advantages over our competitors:

  • We are a leading business solution provider with a strong reputation that includes directly applicable, specialized environmental and regulatory software development, technical environmental expertise, data management services, and IT development/integration services, under one roof.  Our staff has a deep level of understanding of the issues, requirements and challenges facing the oil and gas industry.
  • We have been offering web-based applications and specialized emissions management services to our oil and gas clients for over 10 years.  Our web-based technology and business solutions are proven and well-recognized.  We have not lost a client since our incorporation in 2003.
  •  Our web-based applications have been built specifically to meet the needs and to address the unique challenges facing the oil and gas industry.
  • We are able to establish strong working relationships with our clients to develop solutions for their unique circumstances.
  •  Because Envirosoft’s billing model is subscription based, there are no large front-end licensing fees that need to be incurred prior to implementation.  This lowers the overall project cost, as well as the risk for implementing our software solutions.
  •  Because we offer our applications as externally hosted, web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions (accessed through a web browser), there are no requirements for anything to be installed on company computers and there are no internal IT support needs required to maintain the applications.
  • Third party verifiers that have conducted both limited and reasonable level assurance audits on our existing software applications and processes over the years include, but are not limited to Ernst & Young, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte, ICF International, Clearstone Engineering, Stantec, and EBA Engineering.
  • Envirosoft offers comprehensive software support including training for end users, technical documentation of the all calculations and methodologies utilized in our applications (for transparency and audit purposes), as well as a dedicated user support email account.