Envirosystems has been helping Canadian businesses manage their environmental needs since 1995. Over that time we have grown into one of the most advanced environmental management companies in North America.Envirosystems provides the Expertise, Resources and Innovation necessary to implement measures that are: Environmentally sound, Economically viable and Socially responsible. The Envirosystems Group has a base work force of over 800 people rising to over 1100 during seasonal peaks. We are always looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impacts linked to Industrial Processes. Envirosystems is committed to helping customer’s achieve their environmental goals: Reduce and Manage waste, reserve water quality, Protect our natural resources, Reduction of impact on greenhouse effect, Preservation of biodiversity.

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11 Brown Avenue , Dartmouth , Nova Scotia B3B 1Z7 Canada
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

We are the fastest growing industrial services organization in North America. Our companies have over 1,000 employees across Canada and the US and we provide our customers with excellence in:

  • Industrial Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Robotic Services
  • Project Management

We pride ourselves in delivering local expertise from coast to coast.

Businesses and government agencies across North America trust our experienced professionals to understand their needs and develop viable action plans that deliver cost effective results. More than just a service provider, we are passionately committed to bringing innovation, strategic leadership, and local expertise to every project – large or small – across North America.

Businesses and government agencies across North America trust our experienced professionals to understand their problems and develop creative solutions. More than just a service provider, we are passionately committed to bringing innovation, strategic leadership, and local expertise to every project – large or small – across North America.Safety

Safety is always our number one priority. We strive for excellence through continuous improvement initiatives at all of our companies. Recent company safety milestones include:

  • 100% score on WSPS Work Well Audit at Hotz Environmental
  • 1 million hours worked without a lost time injury at Atlantic Industrial Cleaners
  • 500,000 hours worked without a lost time injury at Quadra Industrial Services
  • 1 year without a recordable injury at HD Industrial Services
  • 2 years without a recordable injury at Atlantic Industrial Services

We make substantial annual investments in R&D with the ultimate goal of driving strategic cost savings for clients, improving efficiencies, and creating a safer work environment. We are leaders in developing technology-based, site specific solutions that help our customers lower costs, increase productivity, and promote growth.


Over 75% of Envirosystems’ supervisors and managers have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our workforce has decades of experience handling large projects and large shutdowns.

Budget Friendly

We help clients cost-effectively manage their industrial cleaning, remediation and waste management needs, and are passionately committed to saving our clients money.


We have the ability to provide multi-service offerings to our customers, simplifying strategic supplier lists, reducing administrative work, and drastically reducing risk.


Having been in business for over 25 years and with over 1,000 professionals across North America, we have the financial strength and resource stability to partner for the long-term.

Geographic Scope

We provide services to businesses and governments across Canada and the United States.

Reduced Liability and Risk

Single source supplier agreements yield collaborative efforts between Envirosystems and its customers, promoting long-term, highly effective working relationships.


Our fleet of advanced equipment numbers over 500 units, including wet/dry vacuum, high (and ultra high) pressure units, robotics, concrete cutting equipment, demolition units, inert environment encapsulation, and dredging equipment. We own and operate our own treatment facilities for waste water management, oil processing, chemical manufacturing, paint processing, hazardous waste processing, and sewage treatment.


We provide our customers with multi-faceted re-use and recycling options that help meet corporate sustainability commitments.


To be the strongest, most entrepreneurially driven company we can be.


To provide our customers with superior solutions, customer service, and value.


We are a diverse and dedicated group of professionals with a common goal – providing local expertise, coast to coast. We value:

  • Safety
  • The Environment
  • Our Employees
  • Our Clients
  • Our Communities
  • Trust, Honesty & Integrity
  • Open Communication
  • Following Through
  • Leading by Example
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

We have been helping businesses and governments achieve their industrial and environmental management goals for over 25 years.

Since 1995, Envirosystems has grown from a regional provider of industrial services into a North American leader comprised of the best local companies, dozens of North American locations, and a workforce of well over 1000 experienced professionals.

Committed to delivering local expertise from coast to coast, we fulfill this promise to our clients by acquiring the best local industrial services and environmental management companies across North America. When the Envirosystems family grows, our customers benefit through expanded service offerings and new applications, methods, technologies, and service locations.

The last three years have been particularly busy with the acquisition of a number of new companies.

In 2010, we welcomed Hotz Environmental Services Inc. to the Envirosystems family. Founded to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of environmental services in the critical field of hazardous waste management, today Hotz is one of the leading household hazardous waste management companies in Canada.

In 2011, we expanded our footprint in Atlantic Canada with the acquisition of Crosbie Industrial Services Ltd., and reinforced our status as the leader in the North America paint recycling industry through a strategic partnership with Amazon Environmental Inc., the largest latex paint recycling company in the United States. We also grew our operations in Central and Western Canada by acquiring Mattawa Group Inc., a leading provider of specialty industrial services in Ontario and Alberta.

In 2012, we solidified our leadership position in Canada with the acquisition of BC Master Blasters Inc., a dynamic industrial cleaning contractor with operating divisions in BC and Alberta. With companies located all across Canada, we now have the most extensive Canadian service network in the industry.

Today, we are one of the most advanced and fastest growing industrial services organizations in North America. We will continue to expand in our quest to provide our customers with the best local expertise from coast to coast.

Envirosystems is privately owned by Thornridge Holdings Limited.

Our goal is to create enduring partnerships with our customers and always exceed safety and performance expectations.

We are invested in our customers’ long-term success and are passionately committed to bringing innovation and strategic leadership to every project, large or small. We help our customers improve safety conditions, reduce project costs, increase productivity, reduce downtime, eliminate waste, and improve process efficiency.

Close integration between our companies has allowed us to develop new services and pioneer new methods to meet the constantly evolving industrial and environmental challenges of our customers. Our experience has allowed us to develop innovative answers to today’s industrial problems. We actively collaborate with our diverse range of customers to develop industry leading services and solutions that are cost-effective, enhance safety, reduce asset downtime, and lay a solid foundation for growth.

Across North America, businesses and governments in the following industries trust our companies to deliver excellence in environmental management and industrial services.

We place a premium on customer service and constantly strive to ensure that doing business with our companies is an easy, enjoyable experience. Our ultimate goal is to improve our customers’ profitability and help them attain competitive advantages in an increasingly global market.

We are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers manage and reduce the environmental impacts of their operations. We search for new ways to make a difference, placing an emphasis on scientific research, advanced technology, and multidisciplinary teamwork to find innovative solutions for our customers and the environment.

All of our divisions are passionately committed to helping customers achieve and exceed their environmental goals, including:

  • Reducing and managing waste;
  • Protecting and preserving water quality;
  • Protecting our natural resources;
  • Reducing the negative effects of harmful greenhouse gases; and
  • Preservation of biodiversity

Envirosystems has the expertise, resources, and innovation know-how required to implement measures that are environmentally sound, economically viable and socially responsible.