Envirotec Services Incorporated

Envirotec Services Incorporated

Envirotec Services Incorporated (Envirotec) has been a leader in providing integrated environmental and industrial services within Saskatchewan and Western Canada. Envirotec is committed to providing a premier service with a focus on safety, quality, and strict regulatory compliance.

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P.O. Box 25055 100 Cory Road , Saskatoon , Saskatchewan S7K 8B7 Canada
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Despite our advances in technology and space exploration, humanity still has not found another environment that can sustain life. This is it — Earth. There is, quite literally, no place like home.

As Saskatchewan’s leading environmental solutions provider for over 25 years, Envirotec is well aware of how precious our province’s environment is. We cherish our home, Saskatchewan, and we exist to take great care of its people and environment. There is scarcely an industry within our province that our services do not touch. From hazardous waste management and clean-up to recycling and environmental remediation, we are uniquely prepared for a variety of challenges.

Saskatchewan is also home to all of our customers and we offer a broad range of services to help them maintain the quality and beauty of this land we all share.

Envirotec services the entire province of Saskatchewan from state-of-the-art facilities in both Saskatoon and Regina. Our transfer, storage and disposal facilities are fully licensed to receive and process all waste materials collected from our customers.

Saskatchewan is home to nearly 200 people Envirotec employs. Caring, persistent and meticulous, our team of professionals comprises the cornerstone of our entire company. Many have built a career with Envirotec right out of high-school or post-secondary studies. Our diverse team includes chemists, truck drivers, mechanics, toxicologists, engineers and equipment operators, all working together to provide our customers with exemplary service.

At Envirotec, the health and safety of Saskatchewan’s people — from our employees and customers to the general public — is the most important commitment we have. Our entire team has a primary focus on ensuring that each and every activity within our company is undertaken with the highest degree of safety reasonable. We achieve this by providing our personnel with ongoing training and top-of-the line equipment and by fostering an attitude of constant improvement in everything Envirotec does.

We do this because there is no place like Saskatchewan, our home.


At Envirotec, we recognize that the health and safety of our people and customers is the most important commitment we have. Whether it’s a job collecting materials from a farm yard or working for some of Canada’s largest corporations — our primary focus is to diligently ensure that each and every activity within our company is undertaken with the highest reasonable level of safety.

Many of the services we provide are carefully scrutinized by governmental agencies such as the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. Before we can proceed with most any activity, we secure special authorization from provincial and federal authorities by the way of permits, licenses or approvals to operate.

We maintain an impressive catalogue of certifications, qualifications and active memberships with numerous organizations and regulatory bodies. Our consistent job safety analyses and planned task observations promote thorough comprehension of — and adherence to — all safety policies and procedures.

Envirotec subscribes to nationally-recognized standards for competency including NFPA (National Fire Protection Association); API (American Petroleum Institute); CSA (Canadian Standards Association); and SCSA (Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association) — to name a few.

We also invest in extensive training opportunities by sending our specialist employees to renowned training institutes across North America and by bringing industry-leading experts in-house to provide frontline instruction.

From our world-class knowledge and strict regulatory compliance to our wide range of evaluation policies, Envirotec is committed to completing every job with the utmost attention to safety.


The Certificate of Recognition (COR) has become one of the most recognized industry safety standards in Canada and is now required at workplaces across Saskatchewan and other provinces. Envirotec is a COR-certified service provider. Our first COR achievement was in May of 2005 and, since then, we have successfully achieved two additional re-certifications, the most recent occurring in May of 2017.

Maintaining COR certification means we conform to a high standard of excellence in health and safety. It helps to measure our efforts and provides valuable feedback on the success of our overall health and safety program. Our COR certification has helped our company to undertake projects for some of Canada’s largest corporations but, most importantly, is has been a valuable tool to help keep our team safe.


Handling, transporting and disposing of hazardous materials is serious business. We take our business very seriously. The diverse nature of the services we provide require diligent compliance with many provincial and federal regulatory agencies like Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Transport Canada, and Environment Canada. We also voluntarily adhere to guidelines from a wide range of standards organizations across Canada and North America like NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), United Nations, and CCME (Canadian Council for Ministers of the Environment).

To keep up with current events and leading practices, we are a participating member of many industry associations across Saskatchewan and the country: CIAC (Chemistry Industry Association of Canada), Responsible Care® , CERCA (Canadian Emergency Response Contractors Alliance), CACD (Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors), RAC (Rail Association of Canada), EcoCanada, SEIMA (Saskatchewan Environmental Industry Managers Association), and the SVFFA (Saskatchewan Volunteer Fire Fighters Association), to name only a few.