EnviroTech (ETL) based in the UK and the United Arab Emirates is an environmental product company with distributors in UK, USA, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and South America specialise in Award Winning Water Treatment / Recycling, Energy Saving Systems, Air Conditioning Energy Saving Systems, Solar Street Lighting, and Waste Water Treatment Systems. ETL`s specialist environmental Energy Management and Water Treatment Systems product range is as follows:- Air Conditioning Energy Saving and Control Systems, Chilled Water Energy Saving Systems with Chiller Optimization, Energy Management Control Systems for Refrigeration, Grey Water Recycling, Membrane Bio Reactor MBR, Biological Waste Water Treatment, Moving Bed Bio Reactor Technologies (MBBR), ElectroCoagulation Systems, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Desalination Plants, Solar Street Lighting, Water Savers, Water Well Drilling, Water Wells,

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PO Box 46320 , Masdar City , Abu Dhabi 46320 United Arab Emirates

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Energy - Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

EnviroTech Water Treatment, Solar Street Lighting, and Energy Saving Systems,

EnviroTech (ETL) is a company specialising in the supply, installation, testing, commissioning, operating and maintaining of Water Treatment, Water Recycling, Solar Street Lighting, and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Energy Saving Systems for many applications including Hotels, Offices, Leisure Facilities, Government Buildings, Restaurants, Apartment Buildings, Labour Accommodation etc.

In addition, ETL will supply, install, test, commission, operate and maintain waste water treatment systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Energy Saving Systems, and Solar Street Lighting,

The Energy Saving Systems are unique and easy to install whilst saving 10 to 25% of Energy Consumation and Electrcity Costs.

The Solar Street Lighting poles for highways, streets, roads, car parks, parks and gardens and stand alone, unique and will save money on installtions as no infrastructure, cabling, sub stations are necessary.

ETL AC Energy Saver

This system will reduce energy consumption and energy costs on air conditioning split systems by matching the off-coil air temperature with the set point on the thermostat preventing overcooling within the room or building.

ETL Chiller Optimisation Energy Saving Unit

This system will reduce energy consumption and energy cost on chilled water systems for commercial and industrial premises by optimising the load on the chiller compressors without altering the temperature within the building.                               

The ETL system is ideal for centralised package chiller plants as well as plants for district cooling, the energy savings are between 10% and 25% for apartment buildings, hotels, offices, leisure facilities, hospitals etc.

ETL FridgeSaver

This system will simulate or copy the required temperature for the controlled foods and will control the thermostat accordingly.

There are many cold store, chilled cabinet and refrigeration unit installations worldwide for various applications including cafeteria's, hotels, café's, supermarkets, leisure complexes etc, the savings are typically between 10% and 30%.

ETL Waste Water Treatment Systems - Biological

ETL “Residential Waste Water” is the treatment of sewage for small apartment buildings, villas and light commercial buildings. 

The system has the benefit of treating the sewage water for disposal to a water course and requires emptying once every one to two years.

ETL “Commercial Waste Water” is the treatment of sewage for large residential, commercial and industrial buildings. There are two systems available, one of which is a submerged (underground) system and the other a containerised system.

ETL Containerised Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR) system, low maintenance and also has the benefit of being transportable. 

ETL SAF Plants – Submerged Aerated Filtration

ETL Submerged biological systems ideal for populations of up to 10,000 and following this tertiary treatment the water can then be recycled for secondary water supplies (irrigation etc) following our grey water treatment process. 

Industrial Waste Water Systems – Electro-Coagulation and Electro-Chlorination

“Electro Coagulation” is the treatment of industrial waste water from processes such as Oil, Gas, Food Sewage, Ground Water, Processing, Metals, Engineering etc. 

ETL Reverse Osmosis - Containerised

The Reverse Osmosis can be sized to suit the clients requirements and specifications.

ETL Grey Water Recycling Systems – Pre Reverse Osmosis Filtration

“Grey Water Recycling” is the recycling of lightly contaminated secondary water such as treated sewage effluent (TSE), showers and basins water, laundry facilities etc

 “Storm Water Recycling” is the recycling of rain water from roofs and hard standings.


ETL will assist with projects from feasibility stage through to testing and commissioning of the ETL product range.

The systems have the benefit of great testimonials from a range of customers from many industries which we will be pleased to provide upon request. 

ETL partner with Government and Private Organisations to progress distribution of our Air Conditioning Energy Saving, Water Recycling and Water Treatment Systems.


EnviroTech Limited,