Envirotek Aritma Teknolojileri Sanayi Ve Tic. A.S.

Envirotek Aritma Teknolojileri Sanayi Ve Tic. A.S.

ENVIROTEK is founded in 1993, whereby its key personnel has been working worldwide especially on industrial waste water treatment field since 1985 working worldwide. ENVIROTEK’s main competitive advantage in the sector is to design cost effective systems and follow up advanced technologies. One of the main application areas of ENVIROTEK is anaerobic treatment plants for 25 years with many references on this field. The advantages of anaerobic treatment are becoming increasingly relevant to all industries because of the rising energy, water costs and scarcity of natural sources. Stable and better effluent quality is enabling industries to recover their treated effluent partially or completely. It is higly attractive with the high efficiency, low sludge growth potential and minimizing footprint. Generation of biogas is also one of the beneficial side effects of anaerobic treatment as a renewable energy source.

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Kavacık, Göksu Evleri Alt Çamlık Cad. No:9 Villa B27b , Beykoz , İstanbul 34815 Turkey

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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ENVIROTEK s a full service Environmental Engineering Company established in 1993 by Dr.Melih Ciler.  We are a water and wastewater plant specialist company acting not only in Turkey but in the neighboring countries such as Iraq, Syria, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and some African countries such as Sudan, Swaziland and South Africa.  We design, build, operate and maintain wastewater, water and exhaust gas treatment plants in three different continents.   We have more than 200  references in different industries.

ENVIROTEK has proved its extensive knowledge and experience in water and wastewater treatment fields. Considered small or big, we are proud to play a role in conserving our environment and we look forward to serve all those establishments who share this same planet with us and who feels similar responsibilities we have settled as our mission. 

ENVIROTEK’s skilful and well experienced engineers have been doing their share to solve the planet’s environment problems in the same team since 1984, even before our company was established.  This team’s spirit and extensive experience gained in over hundreds of projects is the core strength of ENVIROTEK, which enables us to take the toughest challenges in Turkey as well as in the international arena. The majority of our clients reach us through our references and we take great pride in that.

Although our number of engineers is less than twenty, we have several subcontractors that have long term experience with us in the fields of electrical, civil, construction and erection works.

All project drawings are prepared with state of the art technology such as the latest Autocad platforms in 2D and 3D.

At ENVIROTEK laboratories, we can make water & wastewater and treatability analyses and studies (both chemical & biological). We have aerobic and anaerobic reactors in our laboratory and we use them for different treatability studies in lab scale. We can do all analyses in our laboratory for water and wastewater like alkalinity, hardness, conductivity, chloride etc. in water and COD, BOD, TSS, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.

Another main application area of ENVIROTEK is designing odor and exhaust gas treatment systems. We can design horizontal and vertical wet scrubbers to remove odorous compounds from exhaust gases.

ENVIROTEK’s skillful and well experienced engineers have been sharing their knowledge to solve the planet’s environmental problems with the same team since 1984 and will continue designing, building and operating treatment technologies through the optimal use of natural resources. We are trying to do our best to make the world livable.

We give services and support to our customers in the following areas;

  1. Designing, engineering and turnkey applications of water and wastewater treatment plants.
  2. Designing and turnkey application of anaerobic treatment plants.
  3. Capacity increment and extention of the existing treatment plants with optimal solutions and special technological suggestions.
  4. Construction, erection and operation of treatment plants.
  5. Consultancy and control services for treatment plants.
  6. Analysis on water &wastewater and treatability studies (both chemical & biological) in our laboratory.
  7. Designing and application of gas treatment systems.

ENVIROTEK has recently applied its over 25 years experience in ANAEROBIC Treatment Process with a project partner; PAQUES from Netherlands. The compact systems BIOPAQ IC and BIOPAQ UASB are very effective for food, beverage, sugar, pulp and paper industries. Most important advantages of them are low sludge production, no clogging and high biogas production.
ENVIROTEK is the Partner and also Turkish representative of PAQUES for the turnkey applications of anaerobic wastewater treatment plants. We can give consultancy and engineering services for the all kind of existing anaerobic reactors for solving of operational problems.