Enviroware s.r.l.

Enviroware s.r.l.

We are experts in air pollution modeling. In the last 20 years we have made hundreds of air dispersion studies worldwide, mainly using the US EPA preferred models AERMOD and CALPUFF, to assess the air quality and odor impact of industrial stacks and fugitive emissions, traffic, construction sites, flares, cooling towers, offshore platforms, landfills, waste incinerators, ships, trains, airports. We have developed the Lagrangian particle model LAPMOD, which is distributed open source through our web site. We can provide meteorological data worldwide. We also develop Windows applications for air quality, meteorology and safety, including WindRose PRO 3, for analyzing and plotting directional data, FLARES, for dimensioning industrial flares and estimating their emissions and impacts (thermal and acoustical), WRF Browser, for visualizing and exporting the output of the meteorological model WRF. We also write ad-hoc programs in different languages for different operating systems.

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Via Dante Alighieri, 142 , Concorezzo (MB) , 20863 Italy
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Consulting firm
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Air Consulting and Engineering
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We develop modern web-based platforms with client-server architecture for the online application and evaluation of air quality models. They include AQWEB (ARPAE, Italy), for using from remote the LAPMOD model; ENSEMBLE (European Commission JRC), for the evaluation of air quality models and for early warning in case of nuclear emergenices; ARIES (I.S.P.R.A. Rome), the official Italian system for real-time simulation of nuclear releases in air; TM5-FASST web interface (European Commission JRC) to evaluate how air pollutant emissions affect large-scale concentrations and their impact on human health and crop yields.