ENVISAN N.V. the Environment Division of Jan De Nul Group

Envisan is a leading expert in the treatment, purification and processing of sediments, soil, groundwater and specific industrial waste substances. As environmental technology contractor, Envisan pays a major contribution to improving the environment. Envisan is actively engaged in the sustainable redevelopment of brownfields, the remediation of contaminated industrial sites and polluted residential areas and in solving environmental issues in harbours, canals and waterways. Regardless whether it concerns environmental dredging works, sediment treatment or the redevelopment of brownfields, Envisan always excels through a strong, project-specific approach, the commitment of motivated personnel and partnerships that really make a difference.

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Tragel 60 , Hofstade (Aalst) , 9308 Belgium

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Envisan is a Belgian company, established in 1992 as a soil and groundwater treatment company and is part of Jan De Nul Group since 1996. For projects in Wallonia and France, Envisan is represented by its subsidiary Envisan International. Envisan is well qualified and experienced in groundwater remediation, decontamination of polluted sites, construction and rehabilitation of landfills as well as treatment of dredging sludge. Starting as a company specialized in soil and groundwater treatment, it gradually expanded into a company experienced in overall environmental technologies.

The main activities are:

  • Site remediation: soil and groundwater remediation
  • Soil treatment: Envisan has its own certified independent soil recycling centres
  • Disposal technologies: Envisan offers complete concepts for a state-of-the-art construction and management of landfills, lagoons and tailings ponds
  • Treatment of dredged sludge: dewatering, treatment, conversion into recycled materials and immobilisation belong to the applied techniques

The integration of these various activities within the company enables Envisan to offer a solution to every environmental problem, as diverse and complex as it may be. As a matter of fact, on several national as well as international occasions, Envisan has proven to be a serious candidate for complex remediation and rehabilitation projects like 'brownfields'.

In order to further enhance its professionalism, experience and relationship with its international dredging mother company Jan De Nul Group, Envisan is nowadays focusing its efforts on European project opportunities with particular attention for those countries which recently joined the European Union or will soon become a member. Therefore Envisan can rely on the commercial activities of its own international cell, the network of representatives of Jan De Nul Group as well as on other international foreign partners. Not only the mobility of its collaborators, but also the mobility of its advanced technologies like thermal desorption, immobilisation and mechanical dewatering are important key factors of Envisan's international success.

Envisan offers its customers an overall package for solving their problems. In our project handling, we always start with the customer's needs, making a detailed analysis of its specific environmental challenges. Possible technical solutions are then assessed as to their suitability, after which the customer is offered a suited solution with an optimal price/quality ratio. Thanks to the support of Jan De Nul Group, Envisan is able to execute multidisciplinary projects, regardless of their scope and location.

Envisan's major assets are, among others, the application of state-of-the-art techniques, the capacity to offer overall solutions with a high-quality customer service and its motivated and highly qualified employees. On project sites, health, safety and environmental care are given absolute priority, which means, among others, that our employees receive clear, detailed instructions before starting to work and that they are properly trained for their tasks. Thanks to these relentless efforts, Envisan meets the most stringent quality standards and has acquired all licences and permits that are required for transporting and treating sediments, soil and waste.

At Envisan, we give absolute priority to quality, health, safety and environmental care. Continuous improvement, innovation and traceability are the central pillars of our management system. Procedures, work instructions, monitoring programmes and registrations are used on a daily basis to warrant the correct execution, efficient follow-up and structured assessment of our works. The central pillars of our management system are continuous improvement, innovation and traceability.

Envisan and its daughter companies also have all licences and permits that are required for transporting and treating sediments, soil and waste. Since 2003, the company applies a certified management system observing the ISO9001 and VCA standards. Since 2006, the system has been expanded so as to observe the ISO14001- and OHSAS 18001 standards as well.

Our energy management system has been set up according to the ISO5001 standard and its certification is planned for the medium range. Envisan is also certified for 3 categories under the Achilles Protocol for remediation projects in Flanders (Belgium).

Clients today are looking for overall solutions for their projects, integrating design and execution. Jan De Nul Group already acknowledged this trend several years ago and started to set up a full-fledged, professional engineering department. The engineering department consists of a sizable team of specialised experts, qualified engineers, designers and draftsmen and has state-of-the-art soft- and hardware at its disposal.

The integration of its specific expertise in both design and execution creates considerable ‘added value’ resulting in more economic and safer works, increase of quality and a meticulous control of any risks involved.

The Research & Development (R&D) department supports the three business units of Envisan in working out and optimising current remediation concepts and through innovating research, laboratory tests, pilot-scale testing, etc. The R&D department is also responsible for on-site sampling campaigns and for characterising the pollution, both in the tender phase and at the start and during the execution of projects.

Also for designing new treatment plants the contribution of this department is often of crucial importance.