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EP Aeration

Founded in 1991, EP Aeration specializes in fine bubble aeration, bioaugmentation, and ozone applications. EP Aeration’s bottom-laid, fine-bubble aeration systems have the highest oxygen transfer and circulation rates per horsepower, making them among the most efficient water treatment systems available for treating water quality issues such as high BOD, nuisance algae, odors, low dissolved oxygen, high dissolved metals, sludge accumulation and turbidity. Performance is guaranteed for five years to be odor free and meet discharge requirements. Furthermore, our systems perform at a fraction of the power required by a surface aerator making you eligible for rebates through your local energy purveyor. Call today for a free quote at (800) 556-9251

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141 Suburban Rd. Suite C4 , San Luis Obispo , California 93401 USA

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Water and Wastewater
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Nationally (across the country)
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Incorporated in 1991, E P Aeration, Inc.., was founded to deal directly with the problems of water quality across a wide spectrum of markets. Thesegreatblueheron-RGB include agriculture and food-processing, golf courses, resorts, commercial and residential developments, and wastewater treatment. Water is the most vital of our natural resources. Today, more than ever, concern about water quality and sources of pollution is uppermost in the minds of people throughout the developed — and developing — world.

The world's supply of fresh water is finite; it may run to the oceans and return to the land as precipitation, but the supply does not get larger and the quality is constantly being degraded. For these reasons and more, E P Aeration's staff of water treatment technicians has dedicated itself to providing low energy, chemical free water treatment solutions for developers and managers.

From private lakes and ponds, to golf courses and resorts, to wastewater treatment and commercial and agricultural applications, E P Aeration is the answer. What does the E P stand for? Environmentally Positive! We use no chemicals to kill algae, and our ultra-low energy consumption not only saves money, but is also Environmentally Positive!

E P AERATION has devoted its more than 40 years of collective experience in water treatment, ozone generation, and land management to developing a product and service line which can address almost any water quality problem. From bottom-laid, fine-bubble aeration/ozonation systems for lakes, ponds, reservoirs and large water features, to ozone systems for use in recirculation/closed-loop treatment systems, to consulting services, and a full line of supplementary products (such as bio-remediation through bacteria, and shade products to limit the penetration of sunlight). E P AERATION has the solution for your water problems.

The company also draws on technical and engineering expertise from a number of corporate associates. These range from our ozone equipment manufacturers, who design and build equipment to our specifications, to engineering and design firms who specialize in certain types of water features, including large wastewater treatment systems. If E P Aeration doesn't have the complete answer to an unusual or complex problem, it has the resources, developed through years of contact and exchanges of expertise, to help find it.