EQWin Software Inc. is a recognized leader in developing innovative, leading-edge environmental software. Since the 1980`s, our popular EQWin software has been embraced by hundreds of environmental engineers and technologists worldwide in mining, solid waste management and consulting. EQWin Software offers users local support and training through our association with selected global environmental consulting firms, and in particular in Canada, USA,, Australia, Africa, South America (Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, etc).

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
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Globally (various continents)

EQWin Software Inc. is a recognized leader in developing innovative, leading-edge environmental software.Since the 1980's, our popular EQWin software has been embraced by hundreds of environmental engineersand technologists worldwide in mining, solid waste management and consulting.

EQWin focuses in depth on the requirements around collecting, analyzing, storing and interpreting sample data from monitoring programs where specified points (stations) are typically sampled periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and measured for a wide variety of physical and chemical parameters. The software is very flexible and powerful on both data import and data analysis/reporting/export. It is also ideal for long-term data retention, making historical data as accessible as current data. It has been applied tosurface water, ground water, soil and air quality data and has been used for baseline studies, operational data, remediation, reclamation and other types of environmental programs requiring regular monitoring.

Functionally rich, technically advanced, yet simple and easy to use, EQWin dramatically improves an organization's ability to effectively manage and report on all aspects of environmental compliance, thus supporting their continued efforts toward sustainable development.

It offers substantial benefits and value for any organization that needs to effectively manage and monitor environmental impact. The software is attractively priced and customers have a choice of different software acquisition methods and support levels.

As a result, we anticipate that our large customer base and global presence in traditional mining, consulting and solid waste management industries will continue to grow and that our new software will become extremely popular with government, municipalities and regulatory agencies that monitor industry compliance. Given its increased power and flexibility, we also feel that the new software will be utilized in the near-term future by many other environmentally conscious industries such as oil and gas, forestry, energy and petrochemical.

EQWin Software is committed to providing its customers with consistent and excellent quality and value in our software products and support services. We will always strive to be creative and innovative in the utilization of emerging technologies and approaches when developing new software products and support services for our customers.

The history of EQWin Software Inc. and the EQWin® software itself are inseparably linked and go back almost to the earliest days of personal computers.

The software, originally known as the EQ System, was developed by Teck Resources Ltd. in the late 1970's as an in-house system to manage and report on environmental data gathered from their global mining and exploration operations. The software was ported to the IBM-PC platform as soon as it came out in 1980, and has been continually enhanced over the years to keep up with new environmental information requirements and emerging technology. However, it was not until 1995, after Teck had completed the Microsoft Windows-based version and renamed it EQWin, that they saw its potential as a commercially viable software product and subsequently began marketing it within the mining industry. GemTeck Environmental Software Ltd. was formed as a separate company in 1998 in order to further the development and marketing of EQWin and tocapitalize on its potential. Teck sold its shares of GemTeck in 2009 and the company was then renamed to EQWin Software Inc.

EQWin Software Inc. now provides EQWin software and services world-wide to hundreds of mining operations, solid waste management companies and environmental consultants in Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, New Caledonia, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, USA, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

At EQWin Software, we believe that our success has been built on trust-based relationships with our customers and that we will continue to earn that trust through providing measurable, delivered results.


To deliver high quality environmental information management software products and support services for our customers.


  • Quality and excellence
  • Openness, honesty and integrity
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Innovation and creativity

Guiding principles

We believe success is directly attributed to our guiding principles:

  1. Providing consistent and excellent quality and value in our software and support services for our customers. 
  2. Being creative and innovative in the utilization of emerging technologies and approaches. 
  3. Operating on a sound, profitable financial basis.

Social and environmental responsibility

We know that our customers and partners are committed to social and environmental responsibility and that their environmental engineers, consultants and management feel passionate about their work, its contribution toward minimizing environmental impact, and ensuring regulatory compliance and ongoing sustainable development.

We are also fully committed to social and environmental responsibility. Our business is environmental information management software and we work hard to empower environmental professionals by delivering high quality, leading-edge software products and services for our customers.


  • EQWin Desktop Edition is designed for standalone use on a desktop or portable PC, and for workgroup use on a LAN with a shared directory for database files.
  • EQWin System Manager provides administrative facilities for creating databases, customizing database tables, and controlling user access. EQWin Data Manager provides a limited subset of these functions.
  • We utilize XML extensively for file formats.
  • Our use of COM technology facilitates customized application development using tools such as Visual Basic™. EQWin provides COM automation objects that a VB programmer or application expert can use to retrieve EQWin data and work with it in ways specific to environmental tasks, such as retrieving sampling results for display in a GIS.

Database support

  • EQWin utilizes Microsoft Windows ADO and ODBC technologies, which provide support for most popular database types and which are part of Microsoft's database support roadmap.
  • EQWin Desktop Edition currently supports Access 2003 databases. Support is planned for later versions of Access, and for MS SQL Server during 2012.

Microsoft Excel integration

  • EQWin Data Manager is the only data management software currently available to be dynamically integrated with Microsoft Excel via office automation (COM and ActiveX) technology. This enables Excel to be used interactively as EQWin Data Manager's default input source and output destination.
  • Environemntal professionals find EQWin Data Manager intuitive and easy to use. It lets users work in a familiar spreadsheet environment for all of their data import, validation, interpretation, analysis and reporting.
  • Competing software systems still use static connectivity (export) as the means of outputting data to aspreadsheet or other third party application. This static export system does not detect any changes made to the database, and therefore does not automatically reflect them in report updates. EQWin ouput maintains live links to the database and can refresh a report with a single click.

There are four key reasons to consider choosing EQWin Software Inc. and our EQWin software for your environmental information management needs:

  • the best value proposition
  • superior product benefits
  • world-class customer list
  • excellent customer testimonials

Although it's highly recommended that you read the detailed information available through the sub-menus, here's a brief summary of the reasons to choose us: 

Value Proposition

EQWin Software's customer value proposition is second to none. You get the best in environmental management software at a very competitive price, and expert support to back it up.

Product Benefits

We offer the best overall software solution and deliver the maximum benefits for the customer. Our comprehensive benefits list is extensive and includes product suitability, increased productivity, cost reductions, data quality and reliability, management and control, system speed with flexibility, consistency, and continuity.

Our software is specifically designed to be highly adaptable to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and different industries. Consequently, it's often used for many different, innovative and sometimes unique business applications. Its adaptability further increases its value as a powerful and flexible tool that will accommodate your organization's current and future environmental information management needs.

Customer List

With over two decades of environmental data management software and industry experience, we now have hundreds of users worldwide. As a result, we have accumulated a wealth of software and industry knowledge and experience, which we are always pleased to discuss and share with our customers, partners and industry.

Customer Testimonials

Our environmental software has been embraced by hundreds of organizations globally and, as a result, we have satisfied customers and partners who are pleased to provide excellent testimonials and case studies.

This is just a brief summary of the key reasons to choose us. Again, we encourage you to go to the sub-menus and read the details. You will then fully appreciate why so many organizations have chosen EQWin Softwareand EQWin for their environmental information management software needs.