Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH

Erdwich Zerkleinerungs-Systeme GmbH

Crushers, shredders and bespoke recycling plant – that’s the world of ERDWICH. We are a highly-specialised engineering and manufacturing company working in recycling and shredder technology. Our core competencies are shredding machinery, turnkey systems and comprehensive services. Whether you work in heavy industry or waste management – if the job involves shredding and recycling, ERDWICH is the one to call. Our single-, twin- or triple-shaft shredders and turnkey systems ensure efficient material breakdown, either as stand-alone shredding machines or integrated into existing shredding and recycling plant. ERDWICH shredders are impressively reliable and give many years of service. Whether you need a shredder for electronic scrap or shredders for other fractions, you can rely on ERDWICH shredders – tried and tested a thousand times! In developing our shredders, we have paid special attention to operating efficiency and flexibility. We are currently also looking for distributors.

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Gewerbestraße 6 , Igling , D-86859 Germany
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Innovation comes as standard!

As a highly-specialised engineering and manufacturing company, ERDWICH can draw on over 30 years of experience to offer superior services in recycling and shredder technology.

Shredders, custom solutions, turnkey recycling facilities and a global service form our core competencies, all supported on a day-to-day basis by our passionate and committed team.

More than 6,500 machines in over 80 countries throughout the world are the calling card for our unique and successful corporate philosophy, which places our customers and their needs at the centre of our decisions and actions – with no ifs or buts.

For us, innovation is our daily benchmark, not least because our long-serving, experienced employees work with our customers to create the perfect, customer-specific solution for each and every application.

Whether you’re looking to process metal swarf, refrigeration units, electronic scrap, printed circuit boards, cardboard, plastics, special or bulky waste – we have the solution you need.

And ERDWICH is also your professional partner if you want to completely rethink your approach. After all, our Test Centre puts us in a position to hone your requirements to perfection under real-world conditions and create the environment required for convincingly implementing every last detail of your investment project.

Owner-managed, with personal, dedicated support, short response times and a comprehensive service portfolio, we give you first-class quality, 'Made in Bavaria'. Get to know us.

We have five sound answers to this question!

  1. Innovation comes as standard!
    We design individual, customer-specific machines and plant to match every material and volume specification. We don’t simply sell a product: pursuing our goal of maximum customer satisfaction, we create the best-possible solution from a technical and business perspective.
  2. Quality Made in Bavaria
    Our modular machines and systems are of an impressively high quality, are long-lasting and require little in the way of maintenance. Rugged, reliable, energy-efficient and durable: that’s our goal, developed out of many long years of experience.
  3. Personal, dedicated advice
    Experienced project managers provide you with support from planning to commissioning.
    Honesty and a sense of responsibility towards our partners guide the decisions we make and the actions we take.
  4. Short response times
    A direct management style and long-serving staff with the authority to think for themselves promote rapid decision-making and accelerate project completion.
  5. We’re passionate about service.
    We offer you a comprehensive service package – from the experienced handling of your initial enquiry through to technical service and professional maintenance. Driven by our primary objective of customer satisfaction, we always strive to be better.

Efficient Project management.

The planning of individual, bespoke system and machine solutions offering the very highest level of operating efficiency and quality requires a streamlined approach to the project process. At ERDWICH, we’ve been working for decades with a successful format that clearly defines each service and its implementation – from consultancy to final assembly and after-sales. Like a cog in a wheel, each step in the process fits neatly into the next, ensuring the familiar ERDWICH quality that has enabled us to continuously expand our position in the international markets.

Our resulting process solution proficiency guarantees you all-round support with uncompromising dependability, first-class functional reliability and 100% punctuality.
Experience the difference. Welcome to ERDWICH!

Our specialists provide you with personalised advice designed to identify a solution perfectly matched to you and your needs.

Test Centre
If required, our Test Centre enables us to trial your materials under real-world conditions. This ensures we choose the optimum strategy for your investment decision.

Design Phase
Taking this strategy, we use the latest technology to design and develop an optimum solution from both a technical and an economic perspective. And one that is naturally fine-tuned to match your individual needs, protect the environment and conserve resources.

Project Management
Our professional project management team ensures punctuality and reliability throughout the entire process. Your personal project manager and contact is available to you at all times.

In-Service Package
This package of services consists of factory acceptance, installation, commissioning and start-up support. It naturally also includes test runs, training for your operator and servicing personnel, clearly-intelligible operating instructions and spare parts catalogues.
Customer Service
You can call our Service Hotline to speak to a customer service technician at any time. To guarantee the highest-possible availability for your system, we recommend taking out an inspection or maintenance agreement.

Our seven company values.

  • Maximise customer benefit
    Instead of a primary focus on maximising profits, all of our efforts are aimed at offering customers the greatest possible benefi
  • Customer orientation
    We maintain the closest possible links with our customers’ working environments, to achieve dedicated customer orientation.

  • Our vision
    We’re never happy with average. Only the highest quality working standards for each of our employees, suppliers and service providers ensure the first-class performance that maximises benefit. A pioneering spirit and a willingness to engage in continuous improvement – that’s typically ERDWICH.

  • Focus instead of fragmentation
    We concentrate on expanding our core competencies and strengths, rather than losing our way in a host of different activities.

  • Getting the job done
    If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.

  • Every contact is a positive experience
    We want to turn every customer contact into a positive experience.

  • Global
    The world is our market, both for sales and procurement: we think and act globally.

Test runs under real-world conditions.

Test materials under real-world conditions, perform fine-tuning, explore alternatives – it’s all offered by the ERDWICH Test Centre. For you as our customer, the Test Centre’s end result gives you a firm foundation for your investment decision.

The ERDWICH Test Centre gives you the full range of our product expertise: single-, twin- and triple-shaft shredders, cardboard shredders and hammer mills.

The test materials can be tipped directly into the chosen machine.
To optimise subsequent production quality test results, you can also choose from a broad spectrum of highly varied machine equipment such as blades, tools and screens.

Separate versions of machine controls mean that various running speeds are possible, and key parameters such as power consumption, pressure, reversing behaviour and many more can be documented to ensure process quality.

This lets us work with you to achieve optimum reporting on test results, which yields the decisive criteria for the correct design of your ideal machine.

Video and photo documentation, films and test logs all play their part in generating ample evidence for reporting on individual test runs.

The ERDWICH Test Centre: a simple approach to investment!