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  • Erdwich - Cardboard Shredder

    Reducing transportation costs, compressing material for feeding to existing pressed-waste containers or baling presses, or shredding of material for conveyor belt feeding are good reasons for deploying a cardboard shredder. With the EKZ cardboard shredder and FKZ paperboard shredder, ERDWICH’s two rugged machines offer 100% process reliability in a range of form factors.  Whether you need to shred packaging or process cardboard waste for feeding into existing conveyor system

  • Erdwich - Model EKZ - Cardboard Shredder

    Erdwich - Model EKZ - Cardboard Shredder

    The ERDWICH cardboard shredder happily accepts not just cardboard but also fruit crates, polystyrene packaging and other types of packaging. The EKZ has two shafts with independent drives: one high-speed shredder shaft and one slow-speed feed-in shaft. The feed-in shaft feeds the packaging to the shredder shaft, which then shreds the cardboard in double-quick time. In addition to the standard setup – a standalone machine that is either hand- or...

  • Erdwich - Model FKZ - Cardboard Shredders

    Erdwich - Model FKZ - Cardboard Shredders

    The ERDWICH paperboard shredder forms the ideal add-on to the EKZ cardboard shredder. Thanks to its efficient shredding process it is ideal for trouble-free feed-in, directly at the point where waste is created. Material such as cardboard waste from production machinery or punches can thus be directly fed into existing extraction-based conveyor systems. With the FKZ, ERDWICH offers a complete system for high-efficiency processing of cardboard waste. A...