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  • Thermal Systems

  • Thermal Systems

    Thermal Systems

    ERG can assist you in complying with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED 2010/75/EU). With 40 years of experience of gas and flue gas treatment, ERG’s specialist engineers are able to design integrated systems which meet the needs of your local environmental regulations while still offering the most cost-effective waste to energy consumption solution.

  • ERG - Thermal Oxidisers

    ERG - Thermal Oxidisers

    Thermal oxidation is a well-accepted method of treatment of exhaust gas containing volatile organic compounds. Thermal oxidation can also be very effective in treating liquid waste streams.

  • ERG - Thermal Oxidizer for Toxic Waste & VOC Destruction Systems

    ERG - Thermal Oxidizer for Toxic Waste & VOC Destruction Systems

    Thermal oxidation is an excellent method of destroying toxic and unwanted chemicals, and converting them into benign and harmless compounds. This is particularly applicable where the toxic materials are organic and is a more environmentally benign disposal method than landfill. The process can be combined with energy recovery techniques to minimise operating costs.

  • ERG - Solid Waste Incineration Systems

    ERG - Solid Waste Incineration Systems

    ERG offers a range of dual chamber solid waste incinerators for the efficient disposal of solid waste streams. Dual chamber incinerators operate by incinerating the solid materials in a primary chamber and then incinerating any remaining material and the gases for a second time in the secondary chamber. The unit is of the 'Controlled or Starved Air' type where a small percentage of the stoichiometric air requirement is introduced in the primary...

  • ERG - Precious Metal Recovery Systems

    ERG - Precious Metal Recovery Systems

    ERG technology provides the solution to your precious metal recycling requirements. The ERG range of precious metal recovery incinerators are similar in concept to solid waste incinerators and are designed to burn various waste materials in a two stage process with minimum fuel usage. Precious metals remaining in the slag after incineration (typically gold, silver, platinum or palladium) are collected on removable ceramic dishes housed within the...