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  • Emergency Response

  • Emergency Planning Training

    Emergency Planning Training

    Emergencies can come at us from any direction, at any time. They can stem from natural causes, or human error, and can include medical emergencies, gas leaks, fires, explosions, hurricanes, floods, even riots and acts of terrorism. The effects of an emergency can be devastating. People can be hurt, and people can die. Your facility can suffer serious physical damage, and so can the surrounding community. And your company's reputation could be damaged,...

  • Emergency Preparedness & Response

    Emergency Preparedness & Response

    While they may be rare, fires, severe weather, chemical spills or exposures, severe injuries, medical emergencies, workplace violence and other emergency situations often occur without warning. Employees have the responsibility to be prepared and know how to respond should such an emergency occur at their workplace. Knowing the proper procedures to follow during an emergency could mean the difference between life and death. The purpose of this program...

  • Evacuation Procedures Training

    Evacuation Procedures Training

    Dealing with an emergency is never easy. Neither is evacuating a facility during one. Very few of us can think clearly or act logically in a crisis, and our urge to 'get out' can easily turn into panic. The result can often be a 'stampede' that causes injuries and property damage, but it doesn't have to be that way because you can help to ensure that an evacuation is calm and orderly.