ESDV - Environmental Software & Digital Visualization

ESDV provides up-to-date environmental modeling tools and technical consulting services addressing a broad range of engineering evaluation, environmental impact and hazards as well as human health issues related to the presence of flow and contaminant transport in atmosphere and natural waters. Clients around the world benefit from our combination of universally high technical skills and knowledge of engineering requirements and practices. Our services include developing the environmental simulation software/platform and their applications, commissioned computation/analysis, clients’ training, engineering and science software developments as well as project cooperation, and so on. Our ever-present goal is to ensure that the best available scientific information and analysis technique are used to guide pollution prediction and control, engineering planning and designing, resources management, decision-making as well as education, relative to human health and environment protection.

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Rua Dona Maria Jacinta 482 , Sao Carlos , SP 13561-120 Brazil

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Science and Research
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Globally (various continents)