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  • Land Quality Assessments and Management

  • Phase 2 Land Contamination Investigation Services

    Phase 2 Land Contamination Investigation Services

    A site highlighted with potential problems from a Phase 1 land contamination report ( most Phase 1 land contamination reports are now completed by Envirep, ESI’s sister company) or a location known to have a potentially contaminative history will likely require a Phase 2 Site Investigation. The purpose of the investigation will...

  • Phase 3 Land Remediation Services

    Phase 3 Land Remediation Services

    A Phase 3 assessment is undertaken if required after the Phase 1 and Phase 2 investigations and develops a land contamination remediation strategy to demonstrate how the site will be safely developed in respect to the land’s end use.

  • Site Development Services

  • Geotechnical Assessments Services

    Geotechnical Assessments Services

    Understanding the engineering behaviour and therefore potential risks posed by soil and rock is what our geotechnical engineers do best. Issues of strength and stability are assessed, designed and managed working closely with our contaminated land experts where required. From land divestment to property development, our team have the experience to design solutions which optimise your...

  • Surface Water Drainage Assessment Services

    Surface Water Drainage Assessment Services

    We provide a surface water drainage assessment and design pre-development service which is often combined with a contaminated land investigation, geotechnical investigation and or flood risk assessment. By combining the services there is a potential to save considerable development costs and time.

  • Hydrogeology and Water Resource Management

  • Water Resource Assessment Services

    Water Resource Assessment Services

    Over recent years the UK has experienced atypical weather: much of central, eastern and southern England and Wales experienced a prolonged period of below average rainfall from 2010 to early 2012. This was one of the ten most significant droughts of one to two years duration in the last 100 years. Across southern England, the two-year period April 2010 to March 2012 was the equal-driest such period since 1910 (shared with April 1995...