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Developed by eSight Energy, eSight is an all-encompassing, global energy management software platform. 100% web-based eSight offers an extensive range of techniques for analyzing energy usage and targeting areas to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon by up to 30%. The suite is available as a hosted solution (SaaS) or installed to any site. eSight may be used to monitor data from virtually any energy related system including meters and loggers, building automation and control systems, production data and data from any utility type including electricity, natural gas, water, steam, compressed air, temperature and more.

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Software vendor
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Energy - Energy Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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Global Energy Management Software helping organisations reduce energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions up to 30%

eSight® energy management software is the most sophisticated energy analysis suite available worldwide. 100% web-based, eSight is perfect for every company size and industry sector and is available as both a SaaS (software as a service) model, or installed directly to a client site. Data may be integrated into eSight from a wide range of systems and formats (meters, loggers, BAS, controls, production data, spreadsheets, oBIX, OPC and more!), allowing organisations to collate and manage all aspects of energy and building-related data in a single system. eSight provides a truly holistic view of usage across your building(s), in order to identify significant energy savings, and is the energy management product of choice.


The eSight energy suite has been designed as a range of modules which may be individually selected according to the specific requirements of your organisation. In its entirety, the product suite presents an expansive array of functionality covering monitoring, financial, legislative and emissions management using a range of techniques. Individually, each module is able to provide the user with in-depth management of the selected aspect of consumption data within eSight.

Additionally, eSight provides specific analysis techniques to meet the requirements of a range of industry sectors.

eSight is in use across a diverse range of clients who have each selected eSight modules to meet the requirements of their organisation. Broadly speaking, this includes industrial clients who are provided with an extensive range of reporting and monitoring functionality for process and efficiency management, facilities management organisations who need to be able to bulk manage their client’s data, consultative companies who need access to client data on remote site locations together with retail, government authorities, health and SME organisations.

The flexibility offered within eSight, both regarding functionality and size of system has meant that the suite is suitable for use across any type or size of company. This is true for users from literally one meter through to tens of thousands of metering channels with global usage.


Large Industrial


Industrial manufacturing clients typically need to monitor one or more large scale sites which may include extensive sub monitoring across the plant. Often, critical to the success of the project is the ability to monitor performance efficiency across site(s) at process level.

This may involve the import of production or degree day data for comparison against kWh consumption for example. Techniques for monitoring base load data, running reports such as regression analysis and targeting based on a range of key performance indicators are included within eSight.

In order to enable monitoring of plant equipment, boilers and CHP across site, eSight also provides the ability to store information as a range of calculated or virtual meters. These may also then be graphed as normal within the suite.

Energy alarms can be automatically generated based on anomalies both in pure energy consumption and against performance efficiency. Notifications may be emailed automatically to eSight users or other staff such as production floor operatives.

eSight Express provides simplified access for “shop floor” users; who may need access to energy data specific to their area, but who may have received little or no training in the use of eSight.

The structure of the eSight application ensures that users from any location are able to access their data from any PC via Internet Explorer. There is no application to install to the client PC, which makes rollout and sharing of data across plant extremely simple.


Multi-site / Retail


For organisations with a large number of remote sites, management of energy data can often prove complex. eSight provides significant advantages in energy management across an extensive portfolio of sites, on a global scale.

Within eSight, data is held and managed centrally by the energy or maintenance team. Access to data may be granted at site level via eSight Express if required. This provides a simplified method of accessing data at site level, for users with little or no training.

eSight provides the ability to collect data across the corporate network or internet using a number of varied methods. There is nothing to install to site; all the user requires is a PC with Internet Explorer if they wish to access their energy data.

Data from multiple sites may be monitored in bulk and reports may be automatically scheduled and distributed to site via email. Techniques for running league tables and benchmarking sites are included within eSight. Alternatively, users within a retail environment for example, may choose to enter their own benchmarking standards.

With regards to exception reporting, profile alarms may be managed centrally and applied across multiple sites for automatic notification of anomalies in consumption.

For clients who require applications such as bulk validation of invoices or tenant billing across one or more sites, eSight provides modules to accommodate this. Invoices may either be imported centrally via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or entered at site level and validated centrally.

eSight is very suitable for companies who require monitoring of energy data across a wide portfolio of estates. The ability to screen data off from users at site level, to search and sort for sites and meters and the ability to manage a wide range of functions at site level and then collate this into a global view to be managed centrally is key. This is provided through league table analysis and a range of multi site reports.


Facilities Management


Organisations involved in Facilities Management require the ability to monitor a wide portfolio of client estates both in number and location. In addition, a facilities management company will also require the ability to manage different aspects of energy according to each individual customer.

eSight is ideally suited to the facilities management environment. Providing the option for data to be held in a central location, FM organisations are able to constantly expand eSight for use with additional clients. Access to client data may be managed centrally throughout the internal FM staff whilst client access may be granted across the internet if required. eSight Energy’s eSight Express provides an extremely intuitive interface through which client users may access their data with little or no training.

eSight is provided as a fully branded product which can be linked through your corporate website if required. The suite has a range of standard branding levels available, enabling your organisation to present data in a fully branded and integrated suite according to your corporate image and marketing requirements.

Access to client data may be screened from company level, right down to individual meter level; ensuring that information is only available for those specifically granted access to view or modify it. Access may also be individually controlled, allowing you to tailor functionality available both internally and also granted to your clients.

The eSight suite provides an extremely comprehensive array of functionality presented through a number of modules. These may be individually selected to enable you to tailor eSight to suit your specific needs.

eSight provides an extensive array of methods for managing data, configuring reports and providing energy services to your clients, in bulk, with ease. The suite is perfectly suited to FM companies who need to have complete control over presentation of this data to clients, with the option to rapidly configure energy reports and schedule information for automatic distribution by email.




Historically, utilities have been supplying energy, with data presented to the client in a basic format at best. Moving forward, more and more utilities understand the need to present data to their clients in a concise, user friendly format. With energy becoming an ever important topic, providing the competitive edge is important; and presentation and accessibility of data is critical.

In monitoring energy data, utilities will require the import and management of tens of thousands of client metering data records. They will be concerned with both managing the data centrally with the least possible manual intervention. Utilities will also want to ensure that they are able to offer their clients a competitive package online for energy monitoring, that is still extremely simple to use.

In most cases it is also imperative that data is presented to the client through the Utility website as a fully branded set of reports.

eSight provides the most comprehensive, fully web enabled energy suite available. Data may be imported to the eSight database and managed internally by the utility. Client access may be provided online via the utility’s own website. eSight offers a range of branding levels as standard which start from replacement of the company logo through to a complete OEM product.

Client access can be provided in a simplistic, yet flexible way through eSight Energy’s eSight Express licenses. Users are presented with a range of options for reporting on their data, and are guided through via simple step by step instructions.




Whether your organisation is a large consultancy or whether you are a small organisation, eSight can provide you with significant benefits in managing your client’s energy data.

For consultancy companies who wish to manage their client’s energy data centrally, eSight may either be installed to your own site or hosted by eSight Energy. Client data may be imported and managed centrally and client access may be granted at remote site level via the internet.

eSight is available as a fully branded product with branding options ranging from import of your corporate logo through to a full OEM product. The product suite may also be integrated with your website and accessed across the internet by clients if required.

The suite provides a number of powerful techniques for management of energy data. These may be individually selected based on the requirements of your organisation, and include invoice validation, tenant billing, bid management and benchmarking as well as full energy consumption and performance efficiency techniques.

eSight provides consultants with the ability to manage data on behalf of their clients and to then distribute this data to the client site either automatically, or via the user friendly interface of eSight Express.

Data from multiple clients may be sorted and screened for ease of management. Access to functionality may also be screened depending on the individual’s requirements.



Small to Medium Enterprises

eSight is a comprehensive, fully web based energy monitoring and targeting / energy management suite. eSight has been designed to be scalable both regarding functionality but also regarding size relating to metering channels and number of points to be monitored. This ensures that whatever the size of your organisation, eSight can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

The eSight suite is comprised of a number of modules which may be individually selected according to the requirements of your individual organisation. These are then able to be scaled according to the number of metering channels which need to be monitored.

eSight Energy also offers a Hosted option whereby eSight may be purchased for monitoring as few as one metering channel. In this instance, data is available online from eSight Energy’s hosted eSight system across the internet.

This range of options ensures that no matter the size or structure of your organisation, we are able to provide a solution which can fit your requirements; both regarding functionality and cost.

eSight provides small organisations with a range of powerful, yet simple techniques for monitoring and targeting energy consumption for savings. Reports can be automatically distributed via email and eSight enables users to monitor energy and cost, validate invoices and analyse consumption data for anomalies or potential savings.


Global Organisations


The web based functionality offered by eSight means that data is managed from a single, central database location. All users are then able to access eSight across the network or internet from any PC via Internet Explorer. There is nothing to install from a client perspective, and therefore nothing to maintain or upgrade. This makes the implementation process extremely simple.

The user access and configuration received by individual users is all controlled centrally, but may be managed by an administrative user, again from any location. This flexibility is crucial in management of a global application.

eSight Express provides access to a simplified version of eSight, suitable for users of any ability; please see the section on eSight Express for full information on this module. eSight Express is available as a multi-lingual, multi-currency product as standard. The language is controlled on a user by user basis, ensuring that the system may be configured literally, right down to the individual’s own requirements.

The suite is available in many languages including English, French, Spanish, Dutch and German. Additional languages may be configured upon request through the purchase of eSight language packs.

Using eSight Energy’s iDC product, data from remote sites may be forwarded to a single central eSight database with ease.

eSight is the most advanced, fully web based energy suite available. For organisations looking for global management of data, a web based system is the only practical way to achieve this with ease, without the need to deploy a product worldwide.