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  • Systems Integration

    Overview: eSight Energy recognises that every company is different. We understand that most organisations already have some type of existing energy data infrastructure and that this needs to be considered when scoping a future project for energy management. In many cases, there is already an existing BMS, BAS, metering or data collection process in place. Often the concern is whether data from this equipment can be utilised within eSight. Additionally, historical energy data may need to be i

  • BMS, BAS and SCADA Based Systems

    BMS, BAS and SCADA Based Systems

    eSight provides data drivers for most of the leading manufacturers of BMS, BAS and SCADA based systems as standard. All that is required is for the system to have the ability to export a data file on a scheduled basis. This file may then be sent to eSight across the network or internet. If the BMS / BAS is stand alone or if the data can not be automatically transferred to eSight, eSight Energy’s iDC product is recommended.

  • Smart Meters / Data Loggers

    Smart Meters / Data Loggers

    Smart metering and smart logging systems provide the ability to log and transmit half hourly consumption data automatically to a central data collection system. Please refer to eSight Energy’s metering section for further details on the in-house options we are able to provide.

  • Production Data

    Production Data

    eSight provides the ability to monitor data from any fuel or unit type for both half hourly and non half hourly data. In addition to this, eSight also provides a range of options for the manual or automatic import of data used in calculating site efficiency, including production data.