ESP Environmental Service Products, Inc., a leader in environmental samplers, manufactures a wide range of Environmentally Suitable Products designed to look after the Earth not only from their designed purpose, but also their subsequent disposal. What starts from the Earth, returns to the Earth. ESP has taken the lead of this issue for environmental sampling products and offer biodegradable products that will biodegrade in just a few years when discarded in a landfill. Users can now perform their groundwater or soil sampling tasks and dispose of the used samplers into a landfill without the feeling of exacerbating the plastic trash problem we face today. With ESP BioBailers, you can be assured, we offer a true solution, verified by independent laboratories, to the plastic trash problem accumulating in landfills around the world.

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1950 Murrell Road, #6 , Rockledge , FL 32955 USA

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Soil and Groundwater
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

ESP, Environmental Service Products, Inc., was incorporated in October of 1996.  The goal of the company is to set new standards in environmental products, development and services.  With our recent addition of polyethylene and Teflon disposable bailers, ESP now sells a comprehensive line of bailer products, including its innovative line of Clear-View (medical grade) PVC bailers.  In addition ESP offers the Torque locking I.D. plug on the market. 

Our marketing plan is simple. Being the only distributor based manufacturer of disposable bailers in the world ESP offers customers the benefit of product procurement through our (VAR) Value Added Reseller program. ESP has a worldwide presence with VARs in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan and the United States. ESP is currently looking for additional VARs. 

ESP standards, for quality and services, exceed customer expectations and continues to be an industry leader.  If your company is looking for the best products for field sampling operations, drop us a line.