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  • Water Resources and Stormwater

  • Stormwater Management Service

    Stormwater Management Service

    ESS has worked with public and private sector clients to prepare stormwater management plans and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), develop stormwater designs, and submit stormwater permit allocations. Our civil engineers, water resource engineers and environmental scientists have collaborated to address our client’s stormwater issues during both construction and operations of their developments and facilities.

  • Water Quality Studies

    Water Quality Studies

    ESS has extensive experience in comprehensive water quality investigations, assessments, and management plans. Our water quality studies have included rivers and streams, lakes, ponds, wetlands, estuaries, and marine waters. Our services include characterization of flows and discharges and analytical modeling of both simple and complex systems. ESS water quality specialists conduct watershed-scale assessments, field investigations, and modeling to...

  • Watershed, Lake & Pond Studies

    Watershed, Lake & Pond Studies

    ESS is a leader in watershed protection and the complete analysis of aquatic ecosystems. ESS has performed diagnostic and feasibility studies for numerous watersheds and their associated lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and riverine systems. Our watershed, lake, and pond management services are headed by Certified Lake Managers with extensive experience in the assessment and management of both natural and man-made waterbodies. Our staff of experienced...

  • Flood Studies

    Flood Studies

    ESS has developed the capabilities to assist our clients with investigating flooding issues, assessing the risk, and developing mitigation solutions for flood hazards. Our experience has included preparing FEMA map revisions and evaluating the aquatic resource impacts associated with dam removal to developing visualizations of the extent of inundation resulting from sea level rise in a coastal community. We utilize GIS analytical tools, hydrologic and...

  • Water Supply Development Services

    Water Supply Development Services

    ESS provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for water supply development and water management. Our water supply and water quality specialists have considerable experience characterizing groundwater and surface water systems and assessing their water supply potential. ESS helps clients find, permit, and manage water supplies. Our services address water supply, water quality, and water management. ESS has worked with clients on public and...