EUCA Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

EUCA Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005, EUCA Technologies focus on developing and importing the world`s leading analysis instruments which are applied to fields such as metrology & calibration, gas production, food & drug inspection, entry-exit inspection & quarantine, environmental protection, disease control & prevention, medical diagnostic, quality supervision & inspection, fiber inspection, police technical investigation, anti-doping screening, the inspection of agriculture, forestry and fishery products, cosmetics inspection, marine ecological research, petrochemical and other fields. Our strategic partners are located in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Finland, Italy, and so on.

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Room 1113-1120, Xujie Tower, Building 1, NO. 29, Nanmofang Road, Chaoyang District , Beijing , Beijing Shi 100022 China

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Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

EUCA Technologies has been providing advanced equipment for gas and oil industry, driving for our customers’ development and innovation.

For gas, our instruments include gas generator, gas analyzer, gas chromatograph and sample pretreatment device, ion mobility spectrometer, gas calibrator, gas flow calibrator, safety experiment device, LC and LCMS human-machine engineering, etc.

For oil, our instruments include constant temperature bath, calibrator for viscosity and density, ASTM oil analyzer, oilfield chemical test device, gas hydrate experiment device, etc.

We’ve been offering solutions in fields such as gas analyzer calibration, sample pretreatment for GC, gas generators for GC and LCMS, fast pesticide residues analysis, fast drug screening, gas purity analysis, special gas analysis, environment gas analysis, biodegradation experiment, gas flow calibration, viscosity and density calibration, oil analysis, etc. We provide customers with a complete set of service including professional consulting, service and training.
Perfect product
Perfect product is our base. EUCA Technologies cooperates with the best partners based on a detailed communication and investigation on their R&D, production and service, management systems and capabilities to make sure that the quality and technology is at the top level. Our partners are located in Switzerland, Germany, USA, Netherlands, Finland and other developed countries. Nevertheless, the strict quality control should never be neglected no matter it’s from those developed countries. EUCA Technologies has formed a complete process control system including the incoming inspection, verification & calibration, delivery inspection, the installation and commissioning.
Professional management
EUCA Technologies has been accredited by ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 under UKAS management system. We adhere to professional management idea and offer professional service to customers. Faced with a complex competition environment and fleeting opportunities, EUCA Technologies never forget the original idea that we have to be always professional as with this we can better support our partners and clients.

Professional Team

Our team consists of doctors, masters and bachelors, whose majorities cover mechanics, electronics, automatic control, measurement and control technology, software engineering, instrument analysis, chemistry and chemical engineering, and so on. Being rigorously trained, employees are professional even for design and application essence of the instrument and master the key technology comprehensively, developing the characteristics of professional, practical, applicable.

Customer value

Creating value for our clients is the driving force for EUCA Technologies. We are committed to creating value and solving problems for clients and improving their ability. We cooperate with famous universities and the world's top research institutes, adhere to the international vision, pursue the supreme state of 'Swiss design, Germany quality, Japan service', and provide customers with total solutions.

Prompt service

EUCA Technologies has set up an operational headquarter in Beijing and branch offices and technical support centers in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu. Furthermore, there are local dealers in major cities so that we can provide fast and efficient service to ensure no-worry procurement.

International platform

With international vision, EUCA Technologies successfully cooperates with international and domestic professional organizations, and keep track of the dynamic frontier of technology development. EUCA Technologies is a member of the National Gas Standardization Commission, as well as physical and chemical analysis technical committee of China Metrology Association. Our experts are appointed to be the members and experts of the National Gas Standardization Commission, and be widely connected with some national laboratories such as PTB, NIST, NPL, SwRI, UDRI and Sandia, and scientific associations such as ASTM, API, SAE and STLE, which bring better support to our partners.

EUCA Technologies is a responsible employer. We recognize that our activities have an impact on the society where we operate. We understand that an important element of corporate social responsibility is about the way our activities impact our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders, public entities and society as a whole in various ways, and how we meet our obligations to all those stakeholders.

Environment. Protection of our natural environment is important to us all so we ensure our business activities have the minimum impact. We are doing our best to reduce CO2e emission from utilities, to reduce the waste, and to increase the recycled waste.

Community. EUCA Technologies encourages its employees to get involved in volunteering programs. Many of our employees commit their free time, as well as some of their working time, to support activities in their local communities