euratec GmbH

euratec GmbH

euratec GmbH is the producer of natural products. We work at this market segment. Our customers use this special products for a environment, lasting answer for their market segment. You need an additive or a final product, we are available with our high-capacity receources and environment-friendly materials Help secure the future of our planet with environmentally friendly products

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Am Lüßelsfeld 16 , Breddorf , 27412 27412 Germany


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Oil Spills
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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euratec GmbH is the producer of natural products and solar projects
In this time, Natural products and environment friendly energergies will be used more and more from the consumer. But not the trend designed our action, but the unique qualities and the multifaceted domains of this materials, is our focal point.

Long time ago ... began the commerzial and industrie production with this material. But at this time does not exist the technical scope to produce high tech products. Later was the natural material displaced from plastics and chemical products. But today we are knowing, that is not that what we need. So we have the technical options, the knowledge and the growing up interesting of our costomer, that we produce modern niche products with inimitable characters.

Since 1990 we work at this market segment. Our customers use this special products for a environment, lasting answer for their market segment. You need an additive or a final product, we are available with our high-capacity receources and environment-friendly materials. One of our other company the TTN Techniker Team Nord realized the production and technical performence for solar- and electrial componentents, streetlights, engineering jobs, up to ' Turn key solutions'. Our business partner are: Blohm + Voss, Siemens AG, DTG, Griendtsveen AG, Compo and many other Iso certificated producing companies in Germany.

Our company pool have a strong connection to special producer for details and all new technologies. Contacts to universities, help our engineers to work on the highest level. Our companies realize large projects in the last 20 years. We can handle great amonunts, large contracts for all below listed products.

By the first step we will talk a look on our natural product - line
Now before we present our products, we want to explain following. Al our products which consists of 100% natural products are combined in our products line pureterra. Some of our products need biologicals additives, like some granulates contained fertilizer. This products are shown separately.

Pureterra products:

  • Aquapearl dark peat filter granulate for the aquaristics, water preparation, anti algae, different variations, Aquapearl+ also with active bacteria Peatpearl dark peat granulate for regulation of ph-value and for reduction of water hardness in fishponds, standpipes at zoological gardens, ecological swimming pools and something else like this. It also will be used for algae- and funguses control. For using in water filters. Anti algae, different variations, Peatpearl+ also with active bacteria
    • Pea tsoxs stockings / socks filled with peatpearl, ready to use, to place them into the pond or for supporting the water filter. Peatsoxs+ also with active bacteria
  • Terr apure Z natural zeolite, best quality, 99,8% klinoptilolithe, different fractions, this three layer silicate absorbs ammonium and fertilizer.. For using in fresh water and salt-water, surface water, industrial additives.
  • Zeosoxs Z-pur stockings / socks filled with natural zeolite, to place them into the pond, or for supporting the water filter
  • Komb,i soxs stockings / socks filled with a well-balanced combination of natural zeolite and Peatpearl, to place them into the pond, or for supporting the water filter
  • Terragran Xl + YL, special consisting of ground like: ground for aquariums (XL), ground for water plants (YL)
  • Terrapure WTS /WTP WTS are sods from fibric peat for building terrarium and something else like this. W TP are plates from fibric peat which were sawn by hand. This plates can be used for building the back board of terrarium / aquarium and ponds. Also good to build filters in natural swimming ponds
  • Terrapure WTF fibrc peat filament for filtration of water
  • Terrapure WTF/STF composition off light / dark peat filament for fish spawn
  • Terrapure WTB different fractions of Light peat granulate for aquarium, pond and plants
  • Terrapure Reclaer biological filter to absorb exhalation like industrial outgoing air, tidal outlet filter unit. Exhalation bond low priced, without producing pullution waste
  • Terrapure SK Ideal ground för tortoise
  • Terrapure Pikiererde Startup for growing plants, prickout substrate
  • Terragran building materials are clay materials with a kick
    • Terragran BS Lauenburger swelling clay granulate for proofing boreholes, for making barriers,
    • proofing dupmsits, for making grounds for ponds and different other similar applications.
    • Terragran BM bentonite mats, which to use as underlay for Terragran BS
    • Terragran TG clay granulate for thermical insulation, noise insulation and fire protection
    • Terragran TS clay granulate for subsonic noise insulation
  • biological fuels high compressed pellets & briquet from turf with calorific value of lignite
  • Terrabath finest moor extract for bathtub. For an extraordinary bath experience at home, with healthful and balmy by power of the moor.
    • moor for bathtub for health clinic and sanatoriums
  • Bio-Aktiv Moor against arthralgia and for therapeutical thermal application by pain of bone and tendon. Quality is certified in the year 2000 (Fresenius institute)
    • cream consits of moor for skin care, you get tender skin through the natural and very mild agents which are contained at the moor
  • Terrasorb oil-, colour- and chemical absorbant systems for all contaminations at land and on water
    • Terramats pillows for drippy leakage
    • Terrasoxs suction hoses
    • Bilge soxs suction hoses for bilges, separte the oil / fuel from water
    • Waterbooms water stops, for operation on water, which can be coupled with another one,
    • Bodypacks wide-necked bottles filled with Terrasorb for using to go
    • Minibooms suction hoses you can get length 1 and 2 meters (for example for drain gully)
    • Terrasorb G turf granulate which is hydrophobic and can be used with a granulate spreader
    • Terrasorb WTG light peat granulate with extrem absorption capacity, in different fractions
    • Terrasorb L turf substrate hydrophob, extreme speedily sucking
    • Terrasorb U3 turf substrate is an univerdal adsorbent
    • Terrasorb LW turf substrate for all liquids, extreme speedily sucking
    • Applications with activ bacteria available, protect biotopes and djungle areas
  • Purestreu TNE addition for pet food, discomfort with gastrointestinal tract (fodder additive)
  • Following products contained minimal mineral and organic fertiliser
    • Golf Granulate granulate with water reservoir and long term fertilizer. It can be used as basis for golf course and also as fertilizer for grass. Turf granulate with calcium carbonate.
    • Terrafluid 99,9 % biodegradablel tenside, can be used for example for waterless ground. The ground get a storage performance of water increased up to 400%, resistant to being rinsed out, fertilizer will not washed out..
    • Terrafluid H from 5% until 20% of humic acid for prevention and treatment of bacillus by aquaculture
    • Terrapearl dimensionally stable, designed appealingly in terms of color botanical granulate for potted plant and hydroponic, also for professional botanical in offices, hotels, exhibitions and something else like this. The long term fertilizer and long time between watering the plants are economic factors for indoor greening. You can use ist also for plants on the terrace and in the garden.
    • Dachgrün Plant substrate for biological green roof, special for the plants on green roofs composition
    • Afr icans Green special ameliorant to prepare the ground to get mor plant power by 60 % lesser fertilizer, it is

a full bioloical waterand fertilizer storage material, it works enduring for many years, so the ground water was not contaminate with salt and so the well deliver clear drink water.

Our other field of environment friendly energies (second step)
At 2010 euratec realized a support center in South Africa / Durban called shortly euratec SA This base is our connection from Germany to South Africa to build a business gate for friendly technologies. Byside stands our certified engineering office TTN Techniker Team Nord , witch controlled the technical producing process, create drafting of an expert's reports, or realized other enineering jobs, like wrote before.

From this base we will mainly support South Africa with follows:

  • All products from Step 1
  • Modernest Solar technology from Germany
  • Energy safing solutions in lightning technologies
  • Engineering power with solutions to regenerate conaminated soils
  • enduring schooling from Africas personal to realize the service and support for our projects.

Principally we serve specialised shop, industrial consumer and industry. Also associations and private customers can get our products at our internet shop. If you have any questions or problems, you can ask us. It is our pleasure, to help you.

What kind of divisions belongs to our company?

  • Industry water treatment
  • Environment protection
    • Oil-combating ships,
    • Professional oil water separation units (euracon system) in cooperation with great dock yards
    • Skimmer and tank cleaning eqiupment for crude oil
    • Absorbent Systems for oil and chemicals
    • special approves storing and transport systems for oil spill
  • Construction / building material
  • Special lighting solutions
  • Plant granulate
  • Market gardening
  • Fuel (high-tech fuel based on turf), pellets and briquet
  • spa / cosmetology / healthfulness
  • Biological filter system

Our power:
You advise us your idea of package and we check if we can realise this. Then we will find together flexible answer regarding of dimensions and appearance of the packing, also ordered quantity, providing, place of delivery and all other important points. Of course our own-brand or neutral packing is available.

Our idea of co-operation:
You get best quality to fair price, we observe our delivery promises and will help you with our multiple niching. Because of all this points you can realise an unproblematic selling, your clients are satisfied and you win new customers. If you are satisfied we are satisfied too.