EuRec Environmental Technology GmbH

EuRec Environmental Technology GmbH

Today`s EuRec® Environmental Technology GmbH was founded in 1995 as EuRec Technology GmbH Entsorgungsanlagen by experienced insiders who are specialized in environmental and recycling techniques as well as in machinery and plant engineering. EuRec® started as engineering company and developed machines with the aim to revolutionize the waste treatment sector and to make it more efficient. New, groundbreaking ideas were implemented by EuRec®s development department and a collection of know-how regarding the utilization of waste took place.

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Borntalstr. 9 , Krayenberggemeinde , Merkers 36460 Germany
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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In spring 1996 EuRec® bought an insolvent manufacturer of shredders and integrated its development department and experienced skilled workers. Manufacturing started in a more than 10,000 qm large production hall with the building of shredders, e. g. for old timber applications. The hall provided enough space also to build larger machines and plants and to carry out test runs of complex treatment plants.

During this time, the German legislator decided, that at least in the year 2005 all landfills in Germany have to be closed. EuRec® enhanced the development of waste treatment plants and took part in public development of mechanical-biological waste treatment plants (MBT).

In this context, EuRec® received an official research contract from the German Government for the biological treatment of waste – this contract was finished successfully.

The owner-operated company EuRec® achieved ground-breaking developments on the field of waste separation, waste processing and biological waste treatment that were reflected by many patents and process patents. In the meantime, a few things were copied by others, but in the end, the quality and efficiency of EuRec® products is unattainable. Up to now, EuRec® defends its technical advance by further developments.

EuRec® manufactures and delivers complete waste separation and waste treatment plants coming from its own engineering and production, so this very day this seems to be a unique matter.

Shredding, screening, separating, sorting or packing technology for recyclables and waste, no matter if requested as single machine or as part of complete plants - EuRec® is the right partner for customers all over the world. Waste without, with low or high percentage of organic material, EuRec® provides appropriate equipment and suitable know-how for its processing and utilization. Our technology shreds, separates, sorts and packs substitute fuel gained from the treatment of domestic waste, industrial waste, special waste, waste wood, railway sleepers, etc. Do you have biological components inside your domestic waste? No problem, EuRec® technology processes biomass, separates it from the material flow and provide it for further composting, fermentation or drying.

The shredding of crops, e. g. maize grain, wheat grain, oak grain, etc. for the animal feeding industry or as additive for biogas plants – a further performance feature of EuRec® technology. Special waste, e. g. electronic scrap, refrigerators, washing machines, toner cartridges, waste paper, large and small plastic parts, vessels, films, and car bodies, small and large tires – a suitable EuRec® Shredder is waiting for you. For the screening of all of these different materials as well as for the filling of bricks with mineral wool, EuRec® provides suitable technical equipment. EuRec® waste treatment plants reflect more than 20 years of intensive development work on the field of waste treatment.

Today EuRec® is able to develop, offer and put into operation complete plant technology for the treatment of waste all over the world. No matter if waste treatment in cold Siberia or in warm Asian, African or South-American regions – decide for EuRec® and you will get suitable technology and know-how. With the EuRec® RBS-2 (Round Baling System) we provide a packing system for waste and recyclables that comes along with environmentally-friendly long-term storage and safe transport of the packed material even over long distances. Several expertises carried out by a university give proof of the harmless storage suitability of waste that was packed with our EuRec® RBS-2. The powerful system is still in use in Europe and Asia.

The wide-range know-how we also can offer for biological waste treatment was the driving force for a progressive development.

EuRec® Environmental Technology GmbH seems to be the only provider on the market able to use its own developments and products to supply customers all over the world with extensive and requirement-adjusted solutions on the field of waste treatment. Our subsidiary company, the CCP Waste Management, advises customers all over the world, creates feasibility studies and carries out world-wide operating of full waste treatment plants, if requested.