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  • EuRec Shredders

  • EuRec - Model S 16  - Shredder

    EuRec - Model S 16 - Shredder

    15 years after foundation of the company EuRec® the aim of our design engineers was to improve the tried and tested and to expand the application fields of the EuRec® Shredders. The result is the new EuRec® Shredder S 16 which is not only of a new appearance, but comes along more powerful and more versatile in use as the forerunning model. In parallel with the new development of this Shredder, further new shredding tools were designed. The variety of the...

  • EuRec - Model S 24 - Shredder

    EuRec - Model S 24 - Shredder

    The extremely slow-speed 2-shaft EuRec® Shredder S 24 is a further development of the proven EuRec® Shredder S 20. The combination of strengthened hydraulic drive, new developed reduction gear and higher motor performance transmits a torque to the strengthened tool shafts that is up to 35 – 40 % higher compared with the S 20 Shredder. The S 24 type combines all advantages of the solid EuRec® shredder series S 16 and S 20 and comes along with a better...

  • EuRec - Model S 40  - Shredder

    EuRec - Model S 40 - Shredder

    EuRec   is followed the market trend and stretched its famous line of shredding technology for another powerful shredder. In certain cases it is required to shred great quantities of difficult to treat waste and to feed such material to subsequently arranged machines in    a short time.    With the newly-developed    EuRec Shredder   S 40 it is no problem to feed high-capacity packaging systems such as the EuRec   RBS-2 in a short space of time. This...

  • EuRec - Model RBS-2 - Waste Packaging

  • EuRec - Model RBS-2 - Waste Packaging System

    EuRec - Model RBS-2 - Waste Packaging System

    High compaction of waste to cylindrical round bales, airtight wrapping with high tearproof film in safe cross bracing. Strips, nets, etc. not required. In spite of large volume (up to 2.83 m³) and large weight, the bales are dimensionally stable, transportable and storable. Even contaminated, but compressible waste can be packed, transported and stored environmentally friendly and harmless. No emission escapes from bales. Further, the RBS-2 comes...

  • EuRec Feeding and Dosing Bunkers

  • EuRec - Model ADS-1 - Feeding and Dosing Bunker

    EuRec - Model ADS-1 - Feeding and Dosing Bunker

    EuRec developed different bunker types, those use covers several fields of application. Here, EuRec referred to proven technology and added important technical features. Basically, EuRec bunker systems differ in the way of filling, discharging and dosing.

  • Screening Technology

  • EuRec - Model DSK - Disc Separator

    EuRec - Model DSK - Disc Separator

    EuRec Disc Separator DSK - a High-performance Screening Machine for difficult Applications. The EuRec Disc Separator - the low-maintenance high-duty separation technology for difficult waste. Domestic waste (residual waste) consists of several components and different organic rates. Rarely, domestic waste is of a dry consistence. Wet organic material has a tendency to clog the screen perforation of commercial screening systems. By this, the screening...

  • EuRec - Star Screens

    EuRec - Star Screens

    EuRec Star Screens are used where the screening of a defined grain size is unavoidable. The spotlight is especially set on the screening of shredded waste, compost, biomass, but also the separation of sand, small stones, splinters of glass, button cells, etc. from substitute fuel, for example. EuRec Star Screens can be operated as single machine or as part of a waste treatment plant. The number of screen shafts and screen stars as well as their...

  • EuRec - Secondary Shredders

  • EuRec - Hammer Mills

    EuRec - Hammer Mills

    EuRec Secondary Shredders HMHZ and HMVZ are especially used for the secondary shredding of material contaminated with foreign bodies. EuRec Hammer Mills are available in 2 designs, each with different drive performances. The EuRec Hammer Mill HMHZ feeds the waste horizontally with a vibration feeder and 3 feed rollers. Almost foreign body free waste reaches the shredding chamber vertically when using a EuRec Hammer Mill HMVZ.

  • EuRec - Fine Shredders

  • EuRec - Fine Shredders

    EuRec - Fine Shredders

    EuRec Fine Shredders for production of smallest grain sizes. Even maize grain, wheat grain, oat grain, straw, waste from palm oil production, etc. is shred into several pieces. The shell is broken, but the grain is not milled. Good storage behaviour, no clumping.