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  • RvA- and DKD-certification

    RvA- and DKD-certification

    EURO-INDEX has its own in-house repair- service- and calibration laboratory. This laboratory is accredited to RvA (K105), which is the Dutch equivalent of UKAS accreditation. The laboratory is also accredited to DKD (K-32701, DAR Registration number). All measuring instruments supplied can be serviced, repaired and calibrated in this laboratory. Preventive maintenance will extend the lifespan of your instrument. Calibration is the comparison to a known...

  • KWS


    KWS is a unique EURO-INDEX product for quality assurance. KWS offers a fixed price for service and calibration for the lifetime of the instrument. Clients are advised to periodically recalibrate the instrument and will be notified when instruments are due for recalibration. Consumables are charged with a 10% discount. KWS is only available in the Benelux, because of logistics.

  • WMV Rental Service

    WMV Rental Service

    If you find yourself in a situation, where your own instruments do not meet required specifications, if you are short of instruments to cover the project, or your instrument is not available due to recalibration, you can rent an instrument from EURO-INDEX. These instruments are supplied with up-to-date calibration certificates, traceable to international standards. Because of logistics this service is available in the Benelux only.

  • Field Measurements

    Field Measurements

    EURO-INDEX can cover your measurements in the field. You can rent an instrument for analysis of, for example, pressure, gas or power quality, with an engineer to operate the instrument. We will take care of measuring, reporting and certification. Because of logistics this service is available in the Benelux only.

Services by Hermann Sewerin GmbH

  • Vehicle Customisation Services

    Vehicle Customisation Services

    Sewerin Service GmbH offers customized development for your vehicle, ranging from complete solutions for utility company vehicles to customized solutions for those in the trades. We would be glad to provide advice and help you plan the optimum use for your vehicles.

  • Device Servicing

  • Mobile Device Maintenance Services

    Mobile Device Maintenance Services

    To ensure the operational safety of precision measuring devices, regular maintenance and service are essential. Only in this way can proper, continuous function be guaranteed. However, maintenance and service do not mean that devices cannot be used for long periods because they must be sent to the manufacturer.  As early as 1986, Sewerin already offered customers a mobile device maintenance service for checking a majority of the devices on site...

  • Remote Maintenance with TeamViewer for Application Software on Your PC

    Remote Maintenance with TeamViewer for Application Software on Your PC

    Our customer service has expanded to include remote maintenance with TeamViewer. The usual questions such as 'Where are you right now?' or 'What are you looking at?' are now history. The solution to the problem is now available directly, 'live' and on screen using remote maintenance. During the telephone conversation our employees can check the settings, follow individual steps and quickly recognise and solve any operational errors. Data no longer has...

  • Network Survey

    In all purchasing decisions, even when buying services, you have to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the various offers. In this current age of price dumping, more than price should be considered when evaluating the service provider. Significant components of an offer, some of which may be missing, should not be overlooked due to pricing.

  • Gas Pipeline Inspection (Network Survey) Services

    Gas Pipeline Inspection (Network Survey) Services

    You can trust our more than 80 years of experience in testing gas pipeline networks. Certified, licensed company in accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) regulation G 468-1 (A). Use of certified specialists in accordance with DVGW regulation G 468-2 (H). Line paths detected exclusively with FID technology. Inspection of light and heavy gas networks in accordance with DVGW regulation G 465 f. and 466 f....

  • SeCuRi SAT for Network Survey

    SeCuRi SAT for Network Survey

    The SeCuRi SAT system makes gas leak detection both efficient and cost-effective. The perfect combination of a gas leak detector, graphic software and a GPS satellite receiver offers many benefits: Simple and intuitive operation of the gas leak detector from a laptop. Pipe network inspection in accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) regulations G 465 ff. and G 466 f.. Overview of the inspected routes in...

  • Water Pipe Network Inspection Services

    Water Pipe Network Inspection Services

    Always play it safe! Rely on our expertise and our well qualified specialists in the inspection of your water pipe network. The shorter delays associated with quickly locating and repairing leaks guarantees you security of supply and cost-effectiveness while minimizing the hazard potential of subterranean erosion. Make the most important element that we consume - water - safe and secure over the long term.

  • Gas Odorant Control Services

    Gas Odorant Control Services

    As a safety measure for consumers, gases in the public gas supply must contain sufficient warning odor. The correct odorisation affects the gas such that it takes on a typical, distinctive odor which reaches the level of a warning odor before the gas concentration becomes hazardous. In accordance with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) G 280 (A), a minimum concentration of the odorant is required in the gas pipe...

  • Small Pipeline Leak Detection Method

    Small Pipeline Leak Detection Method

    The smallest leaks include damage to pipes in which the noise of the medium flowing out cannot be measured with acoustic location methods. This may be the case if there are hairline cracks where the amount of medium flowing out is too low to be measured or if there aren't any measuring points for noise sensors or if the points are too far away. To solve such problems, Sewerin offers a service using the tracer gas method. The application range includes...