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Euroby Limited

Euroby Limited is one of the UK`s leading environmental waste processing organisations and supplier of products and services to the Water, Power and other Industrial Markets The company prides itself as being recognised by its clients and suppliers as `the specialists in sludge treatment, dewatering, stabilisation and drying`In addition to marketing and sales staff, Euroby employs an experienced team of mechanical, electrical, process and project engineers. Euroby’s client list includes nearly all of the UK Water Utilities, waste processing and disposal companies, oil refineries, steel manufacturers, breweries, juice manufacturers, food and beverage producers, power utilities, specialist processors including energy from waste, AD process users, Bio fuels and bio product producers and many other industrial companies.

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New Dawn House, Gorse lane, High Salvington, , Worthing , West Sussex BN13 3HD United Kingdom

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Ideally located in the UK - with offices in the North and South, Euroby's key activities and products are complementary to each other and include:

  • Decanter Centrifuges sales
  • Sludge Drum Thickeners
  • Mobile sludge dewatering units (Centrifuge and other technologies - sales and rental)
  • Centrifuge Maintenance (all manufacturers)
  • Sludge Dryers   
  • Cake handling systems - including silos (with live bottom discharge systems) and lorry discharge/transfer equipment
  • Lime stabilisation systems
  • Belt Conveyors (sales and rental)
  • Lagoon clearing/emptying
  • Filter Plate and cloth sales
  • Filter press maintenance and refurbishment
  • Operational Services (own and clients equipment)
  • Technical Support

Euroby's capabilities include system installation, operation, maintenance, refurbishment and client training.
The company's client list includes most UK water utilities including Severn Trent (Framework Supplier for centrifuges), as well as many industrial companies.

Euroby Ltd is one of the UK's leading environmental waste processing organisations. Our services have enabled many companies and utilities to increase the effectiveness of their waste management programmes.

We provide a comprehensive service to deal with all sludge related problems involving thickening, dewatering, drying and stabilisation/pathogen kill from sewage to chemicals, pharmacuticals and foods.

Euroby's highly-skilled and motivated team offer consultancy services and can tailor solutions, from machine rental and maintenance to complete turnkey installations.

Euroby can provide skilled personnel to operate or maintain equipment according to its customer's requirements.

Recent Projects include the supply and installation of centrifuges to the Water Industry, Oil refineries and food processing plants and rented dewatering units to a number of water companies and other industrial users.


Euroby is committed to managing its activities in a way, which seeks to meet the interests and concerns of all shareholders, customers, employees, business partners and the general public.

The group recognises that:

  • Care for the environment and continual improvement in environmental performance are fundamental to business success;
  • The Company’s activities have an effect on the environment;
  • The design, specification and procedures relating to certain contracting operations may lie wholly or partly outside the Company’s control or influence.
  • Euroby is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure the effective implementation of its environmental policy throughout all its activities.


  • The Company’s Environmental Policy is to:
  • Meet all applicable legislation, regulation, government guidelines, and industry codes of practice;
  • Establish environmental standards, codes of practice and procedures where they do not exist;
  • Seek to minimise environmental disturbance in all activities;
  • Seek continual improvement in our environmental management;
  • Wherever possible, make efficient use of natural resources by, amongst other actions, minimising waste, conserving energy and water and promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials;
  • Incorporate consideration of environmental issues into commercial decision-making, applying this particularly to new developments, projects and acquisitions initiated by the Company;
  • Promote, through training and other initiatives, environmental awareness, understanding and individual responsibility amongst staff, in order to ensure that their working activities are carried out in line with the Environmental Policy;
  • Work with contractors, subcontractors and major suppliers to ensure that they are aware of this policy and that they apply compatible environmental standards;
  • Identify the key staff, including a Board member, responsible for implementing and reviewing the Policy Statement;
  • Respect, and where possible improve, the environmental quality of the locations in which work is carried out.


  • Overall responsibility for ensuring implementation of the above environmental policy rests with Company’s Health, Safety and Environment Manager and the managing director of the company. They assign responsibilities for detailed implementation to line managers.  
  • Euroby is committed to implementing this policy throughout its activities and operations through procedures incorporating appropriate targets and objectives which will be regularly reviewed and revised.

Euroby is committed to making the policy available to all staff, and to the public on request.


Euroby is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance. This is reviewed at Board level at least annually and this policy statement is reviewed regularly

Euroby's objective is to provide services of the highest quality compliance with the Clients' specified requirements. It is the policy and overall business objective of EUROBY LIMITED to provide services of the highest quality and in compliance with the Clients' specified requirements.

It is also the objective of EUROBY LIMITED to enhance its reputation and capabilities in order to gain wider recognition in its field of expertise. EUROBY LIMITED recognises that genuine commitment to understanding the present and future needs of its Clients is essential to the achievement of these objectives and thus continually strive to ensure that the needs and reasonable expectations of the Clients are realised in the quality of the services it provides.

The Quality Management System is described in this Quality Assurance Manual and detailed in the Procedures Manual. To further the quality aims of EUROBY LIMITED we have ensured that all employees understand and adhere to the requirements of this policy and the contents of the Quality Assurance Manual.

This Quality Manual and the subsequent Procedures Manual are published as a direct response to the requirements defined by BS EN ISO 9001:2000. EUROBY LIMITED will constantly monitor its quality performance and will implement improvements where appropriate.