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  • Evaluating Leaks in a Soil Gas Sampling Train

    ABSTRACT The current advisory for active soil gas investigations in California requires leak tests to be conducted at eveiy soil gas probe while taking a sample. A leak may allow ambient ak into the sample train thus diluting the soil gas and ...

    Diane J. Benton;Nathan S. Shafer

  • Evaluation of Sorbent Methodology for Petroleum-Impacted Site Investigations

    Abstract Soil gas measurements are often used for risk assessment in vapor intrusion investigations. In the case of petroleum-contaminated sites, total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) characterization may be required to effectively measure the ...

    Heidi Hayes;Diane J. Benton;Sarbjit Grewal;Noor Khan

  • The Application of TO-15 to Naphthalene Measurements in Indoor Air

    Introduction Naphthalene has recently become a compound of concern in many vapor intrusion investigations as a result of its reclassification to a carcinogen by California EPA and its proposed change to a `likely carcinogen` by the USEPA. ...

    Heidi C. Hayes;Diane J. Benton

  • Impact of Sampling Media on Soil Gas Measurements

    Abstract To evaluate the vapor intrusion pathway for a building and to assess the associated human health risks, soil gas samples near the building site and under the building foundation may be collected. In order to meet risk assessment goals, the ...

    Heidi C. Hayes;Diane J. Benton;Noor Khan

  • A Comparison Between EPA Compendium TO-15 and EPA MEthod 8260B for VOC Determination of Soil Gas

    ABSTRACT Evaluations of vapor intrusion pathways of chemical contaminants often include soil gas measurements to assess the potential for indoor inhalation. No longer just a screening tool, soil gas measurements are requiring a level of quality and ...

    Heidi C. Hayes;Diane J. Benton;Sarbjit Grewal;Noor Khan

  • Comparison of Impinger and Canister Methods for the Determination of Siloxanes in Air

    Abstract Tliis paper compares canister and impinger methods for the analysis of siloxanes in air by gas chromatography/inass spectrometry (GC/MS). Siloxanes are frequently found in commercial and consume? products such as detergents and cosmetics. ...

    Sepideh Saeed;Sandia F. Kao;Guy J. Greening