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  • Soil Gas

  • Eurofins - Model O-15 - Field Sampling Equipment

    Eurofins - Model O-15 - Field Sampling Equipment

    For sites requiring conventional summa canister samples for soil gas collection, Eurofins Air Toxics can provide additional sampling equipment to assist with purging lines prior to collection, conducting leak checks on the train, monitoring vacuum at the extraction probe and performing an equipment train blank. Equipment available from the lab includes soil gas manifolds, certified and pressurized canisters of zero air or nitrogen and helium shrouds....

  • Waterloo Membrane Sampler (WMS)

    Waterloo Membrane Sampler (WMS)

    Passive sorbent samplers have been used for years to map soil gas plumes and provide qualitative information regarding VOCs in the subsurface. Recent published studies have shown that properly designed passive sorbent samplers can provide quantitative soil gas measurements comparable to conventional active methods. The innovative “low-uptake” version of the WMS sampler has demonstrated correlation in the field with TO-15 summa canisters....

  • Manufactured Gas Plant

    Manufactured Gas Plant

    Perimeter air monitoring is required to measure chemicals during the clean-up of former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites released during soil of excavation and removal. The chemicals of concern are primarily BTEX and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) as well as Particulate Matter (PM). During the course of the remediation project, air monitoring is required continuously, generating a large number of EPA TO-15, TO-13A and PM10 filter samples.

  • Model TO-17 - Sorbent-Based Soil Gas

    Model TO-17 - Sorbent-Based Soil Gas

    Eurofins Air Toxics is the leader for sorbent-based soil gas collection techniques, developing and implementing active and passive applications to meet the industry need. Active collection of soil gas on thermal desorption sorbent tubes can provide several advantages over TO-15 canisters. From a shipping and handling perspective, the small and compact size of the sorbent tubes translates to lower costs and less space as compared to canisters. The...