Euroglas GmbH

Euroglas GmbH

We are a European glass manufacturer and coater with Swiss roots and over 100 years of experience. With fire and energy we produce base glass at four locations in Europe. Our product range includes float glass, coated glass, safety glass and solar glass for solar module construction. The company has developed from a small local business into the globally active company it is today.

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Damm├╝hlenweg 60 , Haldensleben , D - 39340 Germany

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Energy - Solar Power
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EUROGLAS – Your partner in glass.
EUROGLAS is one of the largest glass manufacturing companies in Europe. Four EUROGLAS facilities in Haldensleben (D), Osterweddingen (D), Hombourg (F) and Ujazd (PL) produce float glass, extra-white glass for solar applications, laminated safety glass and coated glass for applications in the area of thermal and sun protection, as well as semi-finished products for the thin film photovoltaics. The parent Company, Glas Trösch is based in Switzerland.

As the name indicates, we are the European flat glass manufacturer. Euroglas put the first float glass facility in operation in Alsatian Hombourg in 1995. Since the beginnig of 1998 we produce both EUROFLOAT and EUROWHITE in our second facility in Haldensleben near Magdeburg and since the summer 2006 also in the third facility in Osterweddingen near Magdeburg. Since June 2009 glasses for the thin coat photovoltaics have been processed in our new plant on site of Haldensleben. A further float glass facility produces since September 2009 in Polish Ujazd.


Together Making Things Happen.
One goal existed at the beginning of the Euroglas story: to independently produce glass for the processing facilities of Glas Troesch Group and its partners. Since then, this goal has been realised, day after day. This is what drove them, together with the Arnold glass company, to establish the first float glass factory in Hombourg, France. Just two years later, Erich Troesch, of the fourth generation of the Swiss family enterprise, together with the Arnold and Nowak glass companies, opened the second float glass factory in Haldensleben, Germany. In co-operation with the Semcoglas Group and the Glas Sprinz company, a third factory was opened in 2006 in Osterweddingen, Germany.

Expansion Into Eastern Europe
The deliberate, consistent pursuit of development and growth reached a high point in the opening of the fourth float factory in Ujazd, Poland, in August 2009.

Established in co-operation with Press-Glas SA, it is one of the largest facilities in the world. Glas Troesch thus succeeded in becoming the first independent, medium-sized company in glass manufacturing.


Pioneering Spirit and Growth
The roots of the Euroglas company reach back to the beginning of the 20th century: Johann Friedrich Troesch founded the company Glas Troesch in 1905, in the Swiss town of Buetzberg. Thanks to the courageous and foresighted dealings of four generations of entrepreneurs, the company has developed from a small local business into the globally active company it is today.

From Glass Processing To Glass Production
The stated goal of Heinz Troesch at the end of the 1980s was to establish his own factory for basis glass materials. He entrusted the project to his son Erich, the fourth genera-tion of the Glas Troesch family. Thanks to his entrepreneurial courage and will to succeed, he managed in 1995 to break into the market controlled by Europe’s glass oligopoly. In that year, the factory in Hombourg, France, already manufactured 580 tonnes of glass each day. Building on the success of this facility in Alsace, Troesch quickly established a second production plant in 1997 in in Haldensleben, (Germany). Another two factories followed in 2006 and 2009 , with the successful launching of operations in Osterweddingen, (Germany) und Ujazd (Poland). The four facilities now produce over 3,000 tonnes of glass per day.

Together with its strong partners, this medium-sized company has managed to establish a glass manufacturing business which is independent of Europe’s major glass corporations.


Success with Dynamic
Euroglas is a rapidly growing medium-sized company and already one of Europe’s biggest glass manufacturers. Our recipe for success is as simple as it is effective: with qualified and motivated staff, we produce innovative products that are oriented to the needs of our customers. At the heart of all this, dynamism is the keyword, which runs like a common thread throughout our thoughts and processes. We act independently, flexibly and quickly to service our customers – today and always.

Medium-Sized And Based On Partnership
We know our origins and nurture our roots. As a subsidiary of the Glas Troesch Group, which is currently managed by the fourth generation of the founding family, we place emphasis on an achievement-oriented yet friendly, familiar working  environment. The qualifications of our colleagues and a globally active management are just as important to us as a professional approach to managing health and safety or a motivating environment at the workplace. We regard our customers as employers when they commission us as clients, spurring us on to deliver a top performance daily.

For People And The Environment
We want to produce something meaningful: products that contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gases, or help people to increase their productivity and improve their wellbeing. We go to work each day to make the world a better place.


We are only satisfied if you are as well.
Manufacturing can be controlled by computers and checked with lasers. But above all else, it is the experience and skill of our engineers and technicians that enables us to produce high quality glass. Our specialists give their best to ensure exceptional glass quality right through the entire manufactu-ring procedure and up until the despatch to our customers. The most modern technology accompanies the quality assurance process, from the arrival of materials until the loading for delivery.

Guaranted control
In the laboratory, we continually check the composition and properties of delivered raw materials. We systematically analyse the entire process chain and, of course, work in accordance with the organisational principles of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

EUROGLAS –The quality brand
“Quality work for quality glass” is a promise we renew and keep every day.