With 60 years experience within the sewage treatment sector, EUROPELEC is the n°1 French manufacturer of aeration system intended for WWTP. EUROPELEC offers a full range of diffusers, aerators and mixers for both industrial and municipal applications. Our designed and manufactured in France products equip WWTP over the five continents. For 60 years, we have been working with the global leaders of the water treatment. Because quality is our main concern, we select for you the most suitable materials and technical solutions. This is why we use the methods recommended by CEMAGREF to evaluate the performance of our equipment. Since January 2015, EUROPELEC has been UVDB (Achilles) certified for all its products related to wastewater.

Company details

209 rue de l`Université , Paris , 75007 France
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Aeration and Mixing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US


Experience at your service

For 60 years, EUROPELEC has been designing, manufacturing and installing equipment for the pre-treatment and treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater.

A leading French operator with an international presence

As a leading player on the French market, EUROPELEC exports its products to around 40 countries (link to the references page) from its factories located in France, in the immediate vicinity of Paris.

EUROPELEC currently has nearly 10,000 turbines installed and more than 1,000 treatment plants equipped with fine bubble aeration diffusers. The diversity of all the available ranges is a major advantage. Indeed, it offers bottom and surface aeration solutions, fine bubble turbines as well as metal frame equipment.

Design, Research and Development

EUROPELEC has engineering capabilities that it can use to engineer the equipment according to the needs of its customers and to carry out its own in-house research and development programmes.

In particular, the company has its own test tanks and facilities for testing the performance and oxygenation capacity of its equipment, according to NF EN 12255-15 standard in particular.


All of our products are made in France in our factory located near Paris. Specialising in sheet metal work, our production teams have the know-how to deliver products of the highest standard. EUROPELEC relies on a workforce of about 40 people that is growing constantly!

EUROPELEC in a few dates

Groupe SFA was created in 1958 and started out designing and building wastewater treatment plants. Groupe SFA also developed the business in other sectors. Very quickly, in 1960, SFA revolutionised the sanitary equipment market by creating the famous Sanibroyeur and gradually abandoned its water treatment activity.

The birth of Europelec

In 1979, SFA founded EUROPELEC for the production of motors for SFA.

Then, it was in 1983 that SFA founded BREGY METAL. The latter is specialised in the sector of engineering and technical studies.
It was not until 1984 that EUROPELEC launched its first range of equipment for treating and pre-treating in a wastewater treatment plant. That year, EUROPELEC purchased FENWICK ECOLOGIE that specialises in aeration turbines. As a result, the company has broadened its range of services and offers its customers a comprehensive service in the treatment of wastewater.

In 1993, EUROPELEC was incorporated as a division and brand of the SFA group. Then, 15 years later, in 2008, it was incorporated as a subsidiary of SFA and then took over BREGY METAL.

Leader on the French market

In 2004, EUROPELEC gradually became the leading manufacturer of fine bubble diffusers. Since then, it has become a long-standing company in the sector of urban and industrial wastewater. Currently, it exports its products to more than 40 countries.

EUROPELEC currently has an engineering capacity that it can use to engineer its equipment according to the needs of its customers. In addition, the company manages its own programmes in-house within its Research and Development department.

A recognised global group

Having started out by designing and building sewage treatment plants, SFA revolutionised the sanitary equipment market by creating the sanitary macerator in 1958.

With its solutions for installing bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and even laundries without having to undertake significant works, the SFA group quickly established itself as one of the world leaders in the sanitary sector.

With more than 1,000 employees and sales of more than €250 million, Groupe SFA now has subsidiaries in 26 countries.

Innovation, a priority for Groupe SFA

Since its creation, the SFA group has been constantly looking to the future and continues to reinvent itself. Water and its treatment as well as its use are indeed a key element of everyone’s daily life!

Innovation, industrial research, respect for the environment and customer service are the values we share. Groupe SFA is keen to offer high-performance products according to the high-quality “Made in France” standards. Our goal is to constantly offer you the best possible quality of service!


As the first company to manufacture its turbines (since 1983) and its diffusers (at the turn of the 2000s) in France, Europelec has always placed engineering and innovation at the heart of its concern

Innovation, at the heart of our concerns

Faithful to its core values and anxious to constantly improve the quality and reliability of its products, while remaining open to the needs of its customers, Europelec has stepped up its research and development efforts in recent years.

Resources that are equal to our ambitions

The company now has 2 test tanks (1000 m3 and 250 m3) and a laboratory equipped with numerous testing facilities (water columns, aquariums, pressure test room, test benches, etc). Thanks to the company’s facilities and modelling and simulation software programs, it can constantly improve the performance of the equipment and materials used in the manufacture of Europelec’s products.

A constantly evolving range

By reviewing the design of the companies existing products (Aquafen, Sofie) and regularly marketing new products (floating diffusers, pressure reducing devices, Noemi system), it is constantly seeking to widen its range of solutions while improving performance and quality.


Europelec is a company that tends to develop its performance thanks to its employees. In fact, our staff is composed of about 30 people, when you include those in our offices as well as in our worksh.

Our offices in the centre of Paris

The head office of Europelec is located at 209 rue de l’Université in the 7th arrondissement, just opposite the Quai-Branly museum! As for the head office of Groupe SFA, it is located in the heart of Paris, at 41 avenue Bosquet (75007), gathering together all of the group’s subsidiaries.

Our workshops in the Oise

In order to manage the manufacturing of our products as well as their quality standards, most of the construction work is done in our Brégy workshops, in the Oise. Thanks to its close proximity, we can regularly conduct tests and, especially, carry out verifications on the machines before they are dispatched!

Our representatives

In order to cover all the continents and offer you services adapted to your needs, we have deployed several local agents.

As a French manufacturer for the last 60 years, EUROPELEC now sells its wastewater treatment facilities all over the world.

Managing and controlling production

Since 2018, EUROPELEC has decided to relocate its production and to strengthen and modernise the capacities of its factory located in Brégy in the Oise. This decision is reflected particularly in the commissioning of a 1600 m² extension, which was opened in early 2020.

Today, more than 90% of EUROPELEC’s facilities are 100% French.

All of the sheet metal and metalworking parts, in particular, are produced in-house. Some of the other components are manufactured by a few French subcontractors, whose production is controlled using quality control plans that check the consistency and traceability of the parts leaving their factories.

Controlling the manufacture of the components needed for the EUROPELEC equipment to run properly guarantees a constant and high level of quality in production.

Know-how and transmission of knowledge

The know-how of our skilled workers (some of whom have more than 30 years of experience) is perpetuated thanks to a recruitment and apprenticeship training programme. The resulting exchanges organised with Promeo, the training centre of the Union des Industries et Métiers de la Métallurgie (metallurgy industries and professions union) has led to the recruitment of nearly a dozen young sheet metal workers, fitters and installers in 2018-2019.

High-quality materials and components

All of our product ranges have been designed using materials and components aimed at ensuring the durability and reliability of our equipment.

All our steels are of European origin. Certificates of origin can be provided upon request.
All our plastics and polymers are recyclable.
We choose motors from the factories of the most renowned manufacturers in Europe and get them modified to meet much more demanding specifications than those of their standard production.

Tested products that are constantly being improved

During the development phases, the performance of all our aeration equipment is modelled and then tested, first in our test laboratories, then in partnership with IRSTEA (Research Institute in Science and Technology for the Environment and Agriculture) according to the NF EN 12255 standard.

EUROPELEC’s R&D department also works on the constant improvement of existing products, often in partnership with higher education and research establishments like ENSAM in Paris or the schools of the INP group.

Between 2017 and 2019, all of the EUROPELEC turbines underwent significant optimisations which increased their performance and reliability. This is particularly true of the fast Aquafen turbines and the SOFIE submerged turbines.

French manufacturing

EUROPELEC has always produced its equipment in France.

To achieve this, the company relies on its workshops near Paris, at Brégy in the Oise, and on a network of French SMEs which provide high-quality subcontracting while contributing to create jobs in the country.

Today, more than 90% of the production of EUROPELEC is French and the company has chosen to increase this further by investing in the development of new production capacities on its existing site (1600 m² opened in early 2020).

In addition to the economic challenge, controlling the production of the components needed to run EUROPELEC’s equipment is a guarantee of their quality and performance.

Customer satisfaction

Drawing on 60 years of experience and know-how, the EUROPELEC’s sales teams and design office will advise you – from the study phase onwards – on the best solution to meet your needs.

The company’s technical teams will then provide the support you need throughout your projects: technical advice, assembly or assistance with assembly, rental, maintenance, etc, all of which are services provided by EUROPELEC.

Customer satisfaction is key for EUROPELEC. It is based on:
  • The expertise provided to customers
  • The availability and fast reaction times of the teams
  • Product quality control
  • Support for after-sales customers

EUROPELEC places a high priority on safety and regularly organises training courses for its employees to build awareness about site safety (risk prevention, work in sewage treatment plants, work in confined spaces, etc), certification (CACES, etc) or authorisations (working at height, etc).

Environmental protection

Environmental protection is at the heart of EUROPELEC’s business through its direct links to water treatment and quality.

In order to go further in protecting the environment EUROPELEC uses recyclable materials (steel, polypropylene, HDPE, EPDM, etc) for the design and manufacture of our products.

The constant search for improvements in the performance of aeration devices (Gross Specific Contribution or ASB) also contributes to reducing the energy consumption linked to water treatment and protecting the environment.