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  • Evapcold

    Ammonia safety with huge energy savings. Get the best of both worlds with Evapcold, the factory assembled, low charge ammonia refrigeration system that sets the bar for both safety and sustainability. Requiring just a fraction of the refrigerant charge associated with traditional field-built systems, each Evapcold unit is expertly crafted as a single-source, quick-to-install solution. The entire system offers simple plug-and-play installation and faster startups with significantly less on-si

  • Evapcold - Model LCR-P - Penthouse Packages

    Evapcold - Model LCR-P - Penthouse Packages

    The Evapcold LCR-P product line is based on a penthouse configuration and includes 250 models that have an ammonia charge ranging from 2 to 6 lbs. per TR (actual charge amount dependent on the model size). The LCR-P is specifically designed to be roof mounted on the refrigerated space. Penthouse units are available with Pumped Recirculated Liquid (PRL) ammonia evaporators for low and medium temperature applications, or Direct...

  • Evapcold - Model LCR-C - Low Charge Packaged Ammonia Chillers

    Evapcold - Model LCR-C - Low Charge Packaged Ammonia Chillers

    The Evapcold packaged chiller product line consists of 50 models. Each is completely self-contained and has a very low ammonia charge of less than 1.0 lb per TR. Evapcold units come with several optional features and accessories that make them a truly innovative solution for your refrigeration needs. The chiller provides a chilled secondary fluid (glycol) to the refrigeration load, which can be multiple ceiling hung coils,...