Evciler has been in refining of precious metals found in specific types of waste. With this well-built experience, Evciler is a licensed electronic waste (e-waste) recycling company for over a decade; dedicated to responsibly eliminate and dispose all types of electronic based products and catalytic vehicle converters. The focus of the company has been on collection, dismantling and intermediary services for recycling of electronic/electrical devices (e-waste) and scrap auto catalysts.The activity takes place in Turkey and over the boundaries in more than 40 countries.

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Karacaƶren Mah. 1645.Cad No:9 , Altındağ - Ankara , 06378 Turkey
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Material Recycling
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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A growing and developing profile…

Apart from these activities, Evciler also collects waste accumulators, batteries, CRT monitors and lighting equipment including fluorescents and cables. These services are provided in cooperation with the solution partners; institutions that recycle and dispose these materials safely.

Enhanced capacity and investments…

The company performs its activities in two different plants located in Ankara, both certified with “Certificates of Conformity” ‘by the Directorate of Environmental Management, under the Turkish Ministry of the Environment and Forestry. The facilities have a total open area of 50 hectars, a closed area of 20.000 m2, and an annual capacity of 10.000 tons e-waste treatment. Evciler has become a strong candidate as the leader of its sector with an ever increasing volume of e-waste processing, eligible premises in Ankara, experienced team of environmental and chemical engineers executing the activities all over the country; supported by regional offices in the Aegean area in Bornova, Izmir and in the Marmara area in İkitelli, Istanbul.

Having implemented a visionary approach in the recycling sector, Evciler plans to invest further in the related types : There are two projects on the agenda; scrap auto catalyst and End-of-Life (EOL) auto dismantling and recycling projects. These will be the first of their kind in Turkey.

Active in its region and other markets…

As a well-known company in its sector of e-waste, and thanks to a rapid return on its investments, Evciler has an increasing success rate in its e-waste and auto catalyst collection and dismantling activities not only in Turkey, but also in Europe, particularly in Germany, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and its neighbouring countries. The company has been performing its activities in Germany since 2008 in its Frankfurt facilities, under its group company named as “Catalyst Group GmbH” and in cooperation with the European metal refineries.

In April 2010 Evciler invested in an integrated waste dismantling and processing system, using German and Austrian cutting-edge technology, that was incorporated in its Ankara waste processing plant. Consequently, the process of e-waste dismantling was considerably accelerated and the amount of e-waste processed and recycled increased up to 30 tons / day. As of 2011, Evciler is providing waste collection services through the country with a fleet of eight vehicles, all authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry with a “Waste Transportation License”.

Distinctive values and social responsibility awareness...

Evciler always acts with environmental awareness and social responsibility in mind, and has made it a principle to work in accordance to its quality policy. E-waste is considered a hazardous substance, which is why every step of the process is monitored. In an ever shrinking world, Evciler is aware that our resources are not limitless and that the environmental effects of products and actions are not just local or regional, but they are global. In order to compete in today’s world market, services must be provided in a way that places value on both people and the environment.

The leading company values of Evciler are reliability, transperancy, productivity, constant progress, environmental consciousness and responsibility.

Evciler was established by Mr. Nurettin Evciler, senior chemical engineer in 1982 with the purpose of collecting, storing, refining various waste containing precious metals (gold, silver, copper, palladium, platinum, rhodium, etc.), as well as purchasing and selling the resulting precious metals. The founders of the company were chemical engineers and the business was started about 30 years ago by processing waste, the gold and silver slags of Istanbul’s Kapalıçarşı- the area where jewellery shops are mainly located. Subsequently, the waste and refining tenders of large corporates were received. Evciler developed high-temperature smelters in their Ankara plant. As a result of developing technology and environmental consciousness, and with the arrival of the second generation of the family to management, Evciler projected that intermediary services for waste electronic/electrical devices (e-waste) would be a fast growing market. And as of 1996 until today, together with the rise of e-waste sector, the company has turned its face solely to recycling. Their long term experience and background in the precious metal industry helped them realize the growing potential in the e-waste sector and catalytic converters.
The two premises Evciler manages in Ankara today were gradually developed throughout the years, starting with only a 1,000 m2 indoor area in 1996. The rapid increase in waste refining capacity in the 2000’s led the company to new investments. An integrated dismantling & treatment system using cutting-edge technology was initiated in 2009 and completed in April 2010. Incorporated into Evciler, this e-waste processing system is currently unique in Turkey.

The Vision and Mission that Evciler embraces within the scope of its collecting and recycling activities of scrap auto catalysts, electrical and electronical equipment, car battery, flourescents and batteries together with the foreign trade services are listed as below:

  • The Vision: Continuously improving both its recycling process and management quality, while being known as an innovative company in its sector, both trusted and in demand.
  • The Mission: To provide intermediary services for recycling while expanding the business in accordance with the environmental and legal legislations, client expectations, and occupational health & safety regulations; besides helping to create a sense of responsibility for the protection of environment through awareness activities.

In order to achieve this Mission, the basic policies, among others, that Evciler adopts, while performing its activities in a wide geographical area of approximately 40 countries, are;

  • To fulfill the obligations required by each country’s legislations and regulations,
  • To use the current resources in a planned and efficient way,
  • To increase the awareness of its employees about health related and evironmental issues,
  • To prevent pollution of the nature while providing its services; caring to leave a clean environmental heritage to future generations.

Our Values

Environmental Consciousness :
We know that first environment and then next generations have paid the price for industrial development throughout the history. Evciler believes that love of nature should begin from individuals in order to prevent the repetition of this fact. Corporate structure of Evciler leads and supports the necessary training and consciousness raising studies on this issue. This entire consciousness is realized in environmentally friendly plants by using the state-of-the-art technology.

Evciler sees the productivity as one of the basic principles in all areas of working type. Both the ratio of 98% achieved in recycling of electronic wastes handled in the plants and flexible solutions provided by all employees to the business partners within the framework of basic principles and the projects developed have made the productivity business manner of Evciler.

Relationships of Evciler with the business partners in the area of activity are based on trust. Evciler is a reliable solution partner with the service quality in standards of western countries provided during data disposal process and working type focused on customer satisfaction in e-waste recycling and quality certificates having national and international validity in all service areas.

Evciler has adopted an understanding that is aware of the responsibilities brought by characteristic leadership possessed by Evciler in the areas of activity and that meets the requirements of these responsibilities. The organization that has embraced solution oriented, reliable and quality service responsibility towards its customers for years reflects the fact of responsibility for its activities by adding ''Social Responsibility'' projects realized in cooperation with non-governmental organizations recently to its protective approach to the environment and sources of the country

Continuous Development:
Evciler has accepted the development as the basic requirement of the leadership position within the variable structure of sector dynamics that it serves for. Modern service quality attained through both follow up of the technology used in the plants and supports given for the personal and professional developments of the personnel is the key for the organization's being a preferred solution partner.

Collaboration :
While Evciler provides services for its customers in a complete collaboration with them within their requests and expectations, it has established solution partnerships with the most reliable organizations and institutions of the country in disposal stage of the recycling process in order to fulfill this purpose. Evciler has established partnerships in 40 different countries within its activity area in the world and works with the legal authorities of such countries in a complete collaboration and thus it reflects this ongoing collaboration in its global vision.

Transparency :
Evciler operates with an observable and auditable system and processes concept in direction of its service quality understanding for its customers. Evciler has adopted the principle of ''doing the right thing in a right way'' throughout the entire organization and it sees the transparency principle as the basic requirements of being capable of being a reliable solution partner.


Information on substances contained in electronic waste:

  • A television tube (CRT) contains approximately 2-4 kg of lead.
  • 40% of heavy metals found in landfill soil, such as Pb, Cd and Hg, are known to originate from electronic equipment waste.
  • 4-6% of the weight of a computer screen is lead.
  • 10 grams lead will pollute 25,000 tons of soil and and 200,000 liters of water so it is unusable.
  • The mercury contained in a fluorescent light will make 30,000 liters of water unusable.
  • It is estimated that zinc will run out in 20 years, lead in 22 years, copper in 30 years, petroleum in 40 years, natural gas in 50 years and chromium in 127 years.
  • Mercury leads to brain and kidney damage. Barium causes heart and liver disease, and also muscle weakness. Beryllium is toxic and leads to lung cancer. Chromium and cause genetic damage and allergic bronchitis. Cobalt is radioactive. Lead can damage the nervous system, circulatory system and reproductive system. Cadmium damages the kidneys and causes bones to become brittle.
  • Phones and batteries contain toxic substances such as cadmium, lead, and beryllium. A single cellular phone can pollute a water body the size of a semi-olympic sized swimming pool.
  • The recycling of mobile phones and the electronic cards generates valuable metals such as gold, silver, copper, and palladium.
  • Toxic substances such as mercury are present in the liquid crystals buried between layers of glass of an LCD screen.
  • The energy saved by recycling a cellular phone will allow a television to run for 3 hours.

  • According to the Nairobi Declaration of the United Nations Environmental Programme,held in 2006, the global e-waste market increases each year between 5% to 8%. In 2009, the e-waste market was estimated at 11 billion USD.
  • According to electronic waste producing sources, an estimate of 20-50 million tons of annual e-waste is produced. This amount constitutes about 5% of all the waste produced globally.
  • In the European Union, an annual of 14-24 kg per capita of e-waste emerges, and only 8 million tons of the 24 million tons/year are recycled in an appropriate way.
  • In Turkey, it is estimated that 4 kg of per capita e-waste emerges each year. The main determinants of the e-waste amounts are the development level and the income per capita of the countries.
  • In our country, there are 90 million registered mobile phone numbers and an average of 10-11 million new mobile phones are sold each year.
  • The average mobile phone renewal period in Turkey is 18 months. Approximately 1.5 to 2 million mobile phone units are worn out each year. At most, 1-2% of phones replaced each year are recycled.
  • Approximately 50% of waste/scrap mobile phones used in Turkey are left idle at home or given to children as toys, 15% are sold as second hand devices, 25% are given to those in need, 5-6% are recorded as lost or stolen and only 2-3% are recycled.