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  • Haze Monitors

  • Everise - Model EA-12 - Aethalometer

    Everise - Model EA-12 - Aethalometer

    Black Carbon Aerosol (BC) has recently been identified as a factor, second only to carbon dioxide, resulting in global climate change. Black carbon aerosol generates from the incomplete combustion of fossils and biomass fuels, such as motor vehicle exhaust, thermal power, forest fires and so on. Black carbon aerosols can strongly absorb natural light and have a significant effect on solar radiation balance. Unlike the long-term stability of carbon...

  • Everise - Model EA-22 - Integrating Nephelometer

    Everise - Model EA-22 - Integrating Nephelometer

    EA-22, using stable LED light source, could simultaneously measure the aerosol scattering coefficient of 3 wavelength, involving 450nm (blue), 525nm (green), 635nm (red), and provide analysis in research of aerosols’ optical scattering properties and particulate matter (PM) composition. LCD touch screen of high resolution, Chinese menu, and internal modular design, makes it simple and easy to operate and maintain.The automatic sample heater...

  • Everise - Model EA-32 - OCEC Online Analyzer

    Everise - Model EA-32 - OCEC Online Analyzer

    EA-32 OCEC online analyzer, adopting thermal analysis method of US EPA standard, can continuously monitor OCEC of atmospheric aerosols. By means of non-volatile characteristic of EC better than OC, the sample gas will be heated and distinguished step by step. Then OC and EC will be catalyzed to CO2, contents of which will be determined by NDRI technology. Equipped with optical correction unit to reduce error caused by carbonization of OC, the analysis...

  • Everise - Intelligent Haze Identification System

    Everise - Intelligent Haze Identification System

    EV-CAM intelligent haze identification system provides an efficient means to monitor and analyze haze pollution visually. The system can help to capture, archive, transmit and display digital images and data at regular intervals. By analyzing these images and data, the processing system shall identify the characteristic parameters of haze pollution and air quality.