A decade of pushing the boundaries. A decade of helping major industry players achieve their full potential. A group of talented innovators, engineers, consultants, developers, trainers, and support staff, all dedicated to a single thing: making the world a safer place. In any potentially hazardous environment, you’ve got many things to consider. Quick decisions and a keen eye can make all the difference. That’s why eVision Industry Software gives you the essential tools you need to focus on those things that really matter during daily operations.

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Mauritskade 35 , The Hague , HD 2514HD Netherlands

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Software vendor
Industry Type:
Health and Safety
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Our goal and pride is to deliver simple practical solutions to complex ‘real world’ problems. We accomplish this by beginning with extensive consultation with clients to understand their issues, and developing or configuring software that is clever, easy to use and integrateable, thereby maximizing safety and minimizing risk.

We have set a new standard in Permit-To-Work software systems by complying with the latest safety protocols and providing a user-friendly software solution. Petrochemical and offshore industries have proven our leading Control of Work COW system, and eVision is changing the industry on a global scale. Other resource, industrial and utility industries enjoy the benefits of our innovation.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity – doing what is right always comes first
  • Quality – innovative software you can depend on
  • Value – meeting or exceeding agreed expectations
  • Respect & equality – for all employees and clients
  • A learning organisation – better has no finish line
  • Sustainable and responsible business – our customers need us to grow in a responsible manner


eVision Industry Software works together with senior management and front line operational staff of global oil & gas corporations and other hazardous industries, to first critically analyze the status quo, then improve safety and efficiency by implementing innovative operational safety systems.

Our success is based on the combination of highly skilled software designers teamed up with our industry-experienced people (managers in HSE, Operations managers, and installation managers) eVision’s software systems realize greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness yielding improvement in both safety and cost reduction.

eVision strives to provide simple and easy-to-use solutions for the most complex problems in the petrochemical and offshore industry. It is our goal to maximize safety and minimize risk by providing software that complies to the latest standards and is easy to operate. Our current successes confirm that eVision does a very good job. Clients are thrilled with the simplicity and powerfulness of our software solutions. The most daunting processes can be handled yet the user-experience remains easy and controlled.


At eVision we believe in hard work in order to deliver to client requirements on time and within budget. This is recognized in
our products and our company culture. Operating in a competitive business where the risk is big we also emphasize effectiveness and reliability. eVision has the following core values:

We deliver what we promise. If we are faced with problems that your company may encounter we will do anything to get the job done. We deliver solutions to your operational needs.

Working in some of the most hazardous industries, eVision understand the importance of reliability. All software systems are designed with stability and reliability in mind. eVision has a special team, which in addition to manually testing all software systems use very advanced software to (stress) test the system under many different circumstances to ensure that eVision’s software always functions reliably.

Our solutions do the job, work, and thus have the end-user in mind. This is because those are the people doing the frontline work making your company run. It is essential that these people are familiar with their tasks and perform effectively. Our solutions have a unique user-friendly interface which allows users to operate in an easy to understand computer environment to focus on their actual job. Moreover, our software assists in their decision-making, enhancing the experience and minimizing risks for errors.