EVK DI Kerschaggl GmbH

EVK DI Kerschaggl GmbH

EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH is a world leader in the development and manufacture of sensor based sorting and analyzing systems for use in recycling, mining, food processing and pharmaceutical industries. Since its foundation in 1987, the core philosophy at EVK is to develop innovative solutions for high performance grading and sorting of bulk material. We design and produce our own brand of high-speed intelligent sensor solutions that can acquire, analyze and classify every object in a fast moving material stream, to make precise real-time sorting decisions. Our smart sensors are tailored for non-contact inspection of material conformity and are equally suited for use in-line or at-line.

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Josef-Krainer-Straße 35 , Raaba , A-8074 Austria
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Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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HELIOS cameras are our industry proven Hyperspectral Imaging platform that feature on-board acquisition and classification of infrared spectral data for real-time sorting and quality control.

EVK’s proprietary technology portfolio also includes our modular Sort Engine platform, which specializes in combining parallel classifications from multiple sensor technologies, to provide a ready-to-install complete sorting solution for system integrators and machine builders.

Our established Conductivity Imaging line-scan sensor platform offers high sensitivity and selectivity for detecting conductive materials. This line complements EVK’s portfolio in sorting activities.

By taking advantage of our industry proven products and application expertise, EVK will deliver to you the leading technology leverage needed to remain ahead of the game.


To contribute to a world where resources are used efficiently, and jobs in working environments that are hazardous to health become automated.

Mission Statement

Our business objective is to develop, produce and sell innovative technologies and products for sensor based sorting systems and in-line process analysis.

Our emphasis is on quality so that we remain the technology leader for conductivity and chemical imaging, and can support our pioneer customers with new applications.

We think, communicate and act constructively and work in partnership with our customers to generate new applications. Our partners compensate andvalue our activities with fair prices.

Our Goal Is To Be The Best In Our Class  And We Work Hard To Excite Our Customers

We aim not just for satisfied customers, but excited ones.

So the delivery of high product quality is the basic principle behind the entire value creation chain within EVK. This includes the project definition and the development phase, and leads to a zero-defect philosophy within the production department.

Our responsibility for delivering high quality products includes the entire value chain: We work in very close partnership with our suppliers to set and keep high quality standards.

Since 2005 EVK has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO9001:2008 respectively.

Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras
The Hyperspectral Imaging Camera Helios Offers Unique Camera Internal Analyzing And Sorting Features And Is Designed For High Speed Applications In Harsh Environments. Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology utilizes the invisible part of light in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength region to analyze the chemical footprint of goods. The smart HSI camera HELIOS displays objects in artificial color representation (so called “chemical imaging”) and allows simple replacement of widely used color cameras in analyzing and sorting applications … Read More

Analyzing And Inspection Solutions To Optimize Your Production Control And Increase Quality And Profit
The pharmaceutical, mining; recycling and food processing industries rely on EVK technology for demanding applications. Totally new applications are becoming possible based on hyperspectral imaging technology. For example, in-line analysis of the chemical properties of goods and in-line dissection of the distribution of chemical substances on a substrate offer a quantum leap in terms of product quality and conserve resources … Read More

Sorting Solutions Based On The Invisible Chemical Properties Of Goods Will Give A Boost To New Applications.
Innovative solutions based on hyperspectral imaging technology give a boost to new applications when normal color cameras reach their limits. HELIOS_Sort is the most powerful smart hyperspectral imaging camera including electronics for the classification and control of ejection units, and offers a simple way to start sorting operations. Its easy integration into sorting equipment and fast time to market ... Read More

Cover The Entire Production Process With Smart Analyzing And Sorting Sensor Systems From Evk

Our expertise lies in offering sensor systems for analysis and sorting for a wide range of applications in many different industries.

You can obtain unequalled quality results by combining classifying and sorting tasks at your production site:

Inspect the input material, monitor the production flow or sort according to selected parameters, and issue a quality certificate after in-line quality control of the final product. And if the result does not meet your expectations? Then you can adjust the process parameters automatically by changing the “recipe” on the FusioSort MMI.

HELIOS is an industry proven device used in a wide range of applications in the RECYCLING, MINING, FOOD-PROCESSING and PHARMACEUTICAL industries.

The proprietary software allows fast and easy customization to different applications. CONTACT US whenever you reach the limits. Our experts will be delighted to support you in developing the next innovative application.

EVK has been offering sorting solutions for the RECYCLING industry for 20 years. In recent years we have also successfully provided applications in theMINING, FOOD PROCESSING and PHARMACEUTICAL industries too.

HELIOS_SORT is the most powerful equipment for implementing different types of sorting applications. It easily turns the conveyor belt into a sorting machine, since both the classification software and the control of the ejection unit are included in the smart camera device.

Spectroscopy originates from the study of visible light dispersed according to its wavelength. Widely used RGB color cameras capture three wavelength ranges (red, green, blue) of the visible region of light (400 – 750 nm). As color information is not sufficient for many applications, the industry demands possibilities to integrate highly sophisticated spectroscopy used in laboratories to analyze the invisible region of light in high speed applications.

The biggest hurdle was the large dataset generated by processing the full spectrum of each pixel. As a first step, multispectral devices have been introduced to the market analyzing defined spectral bands.

Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) technology provides for each local point of the line scan a complete spectrum with high resolution in parallel. HSI technology of EVK is using an imaging spectrograph in combination with an area sensor. This system has no moving parts and is able to scan a line with high local and spectral resolution.

This technique is known as push-broom scan and results in a so-called HSI data cube. It is well suited to record a material stream on conveyor belt or chute, for example.

The HSI data cube represents the 4 recorded dimensions:

The scanned line is represented on the x-axis. The corresponding spectral information of each pixel is displayed on the z-axis. The time axis charts the subsequent line-scans of the moving direction. For the fourth dimension, the intensity of the reflected light per spectral pixel is stated color coded with artificial color representation.

EVK was the first company that succeeded in building a compact line scanner in hyperspectral imaging technology with a data processing unit integrated in the camera system. HELIOS, the hyperspectral smart camera system, measures in parallel the absorption spectrum of each illuminated pixel in a line according to the molecular structure.

The intensity of the reflected light per wavelength is represented in each spectrum and describes the chemical properties of an object like a fingerprint.

The intensity of the reflected light per wavelength is represented in each spectrum and describes the chemical properties of an object like a fingerprint.

Because the entire spectrum is acquired for each pixel, this is the best technology for many different applications. For C-O-H-N combinations, the major analytical bands and their relative peak positions are well known. This simplifies the adaptation of the system to new tasks. The processing of these spectra with multivariate data analysis allows a qualitative or quantitative differentiation per pixel.

Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT) pictures the invisible chemical properties of an object:

The colors on the screen correlate with the molecular information of every pixel of the image. Relevant color visualization of different spectra is realized by the sophisticated EVK proprietary classification system, which is an integral part of the HELIOS hyperspectral camera.

The chemical object properties are assigned to RGB color channels. Different colors can be assigned to related molecular structures to simplify interpretation.

Invisible chemical properties are now visible.

Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT) gives a boost to totally new tasks and improves the detection of foreign bodies and impurities with minimum spectral deviation. The result is an analyzing or sorting process with the highest quality.