Evolution Sorbent Products, ESP GLOBAL

Evolution Sorbent Products, ESP GLOBAL

We`re strategically located in Chicago and within easy reach of US and most major global markets. ESP US is the home to all our unique technologies and product engineering staff. This operation is the biggest in the group and we specialize in designing unique solutions to your problems. Not only can you get products here that are not available anywhere else, you can also get very competitive industry standard meltblown too.

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1145 Howard Drive , West Chicago , Illinois 60185 USA
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Energy - Energy Science and Research
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Globally (various continents)

Evolution Sorbent Products, LLC, (ESP) produces high-performance industrial sorbents and spill-control products with either natural and recycled materials or traditional polypropylene.

Delivering Innovative Customer Solutions
Our focus is on developing and manufacturing innovative new sorbent products that increase the competitiveness of our customers.

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility just outside Chicago that feeds into a coast-to-coast network of regional distribution centers.

Our sorbents are used around the world to handle some of the most demanding environmental, medical and filtration-industry challenges:

Our flagship line of versatile, high-tech, high-performance sorbents made from high quality recycled and renewable natural materials.

Air Matrix
Premium oil-only sorbents made with top-quality recycled synthetic materials offering high absorbency and well as high chemical and water resistance

Premium universal sorbents designed for medical and clean room environments made with top-quality recycled synthetic materials and delivering lint-free, leak-resistant performance.

An industry mainstay brought to new heights through ESP’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and rigorous quality control systems.

Our proprietary technology added to products to increase absorbency by turning absorbed water-based liquids into a leak-resistant gel.

Customer-focused innovations
In 2006, we realized that rising oil prices and increased environmental concerns would create a need for less expensive, less oil-dependent alternatives to traditional meltblown. We developed the industry’s first line of high-performance oil-only and universal natural recycled sorbents – ColdForm2.

  • When customers asked us for a synthetic high-performance, oil-only alternative to meltblown with high recycled content, we responded with Air Matrix.
  • Then the packaging, transportation, food and medical sectors asked us for an MRO sorbent that wouldn’t let liquid spills leak through to floors and other surfaces. We came back with Ultraclean Poly-backed.
  • The demand for a high-performance, universal recycled synthetic alternative to meltblown was met with the launch of Ultraclean Industrial.
  • The medical sector asked us to make a medical-grade ultra-heavy, recycled universal product that was white. We gave them Ultraclean Pure – a high-performance product used in operating rooms, on stretchers and as bed liners.
  • To reduce safety concerns about handling absorbed biomedical and toxic fluids, we developed SpillLock. It turns absorbed water-based spills such as blood, urine and other offensive fluids into a leak-resistant gel. This new technology also increases the absorbency of a number of our premium universal sorbent lines.
  • When the air filtration industry needed exceptionally high-quality meltblown for use in air filters and medical-grade face masks, we put our meltblown through its paces and it exceeded expectations. They are using it today.
  • We know our continued success depends on how well we predict and respond to customer needs. Our promise: first-rate service and consistently high-quality products – all at a great price.