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Since its inception in 1941, Excel Industries Limited has been known as a pioneer in the area of crop protection chemicals for the Industry as well as the farming community. Today it has successfully leveraged its strengths to emerge as a leader in a range of speciality and performance chemicals. Our Environment and Biotech division has done pioneering work in the field of Solid Waste Management and in development of a range of Biopesticides. Put together the division can help in sustainable management of Urban Environment and Sustainable agriculture in rural areas.

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184-87, S.V. Road, Jogeshwari (West) , Mumbai , Maharashtra 400 102 India

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Excel Industries Limited has come a long way since its origin in a kitchen laboratory in 1941.

Over the years, Excel came to be known as an industry leader in the area of agro-chemicals and agro-chemical intermediates. Using its expertise in Chemistry and Chemical technology, Excel also expanded its chemicals manufacturing range to include Water treatment chemicals and Polymer Additives and few other speciality chemicals.

Excel’s commitment to sustainable development led us to venture into the field of Environment and Bio-technology. Excel is a Pioneer and Technology leader in rapid conversion of Municipal Solid Waste to organic compost. Our organic plant protection and soil/crop productivity enhancers are well accepted in the market.

In order to ensure focused attention to the expanded range of activities, the agro business division was spun off as a separate company, Excel Crop Care Limited in 2003. Today, Excel is organized into two divisions i.e. a. Chemicals, b. Environment and Biotech.

Ever since our inception, we have built up a solid history and reputation of developing, manufacturing and exporting chemicals. We have achieved over 100 product and process breakthroughs that even now are serving the specific needs of various clients.

We have excellent research facilities in Mumbai and at our manufacturing locations.
During the last six decades, we have received numerous awards in recognition of our dedication and excellence in the field of chemicals.

From the very beginning, in 1941, when our founder Mr. C. C. Shroff established Excel, we have believed that in every interaction we have with our clients, our individual as well as our corporate character, integrity and professionalism is under scrutiny.

We have always kept the virtues of high quality, cost effectiveness, consumer need fulfillment, fair prices and fair trade practices uppermost in our minds.

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