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  • Material Recovery Facility & General Recycling Baling

  • Model 2R63  - Recycling Baler

    Model 2R63 - Recycling Baler

    Save time and money with a complete turn-key baling solution. The 2R63 two-ram, auto-tie baler chassis utilizes the same interlocking designs found in larger Excel two-ram balers, while remaining very economical. This baler bales plastic extremely well. The 2R63 is constructed of four solid steel sheets (top, bottom, and both sides), providing seamless construction from end to end. We are a industrial baler manufacturer and work to combine this...

  • EXCEL - Model HV9 & HV10 Series - Aluminum Baler

    EXCEL - Model HV9 & HV10 Series - Aluminum Baler

    The EXCEL HV9 & HV10 have the revolutionary single sheet, interlocking construction found in our two-ram balers. The floor and side sheets are all single sheets, cut to fit together for indestructible construction. The HV9 & HV10 bale newspaper, office paper, magazines, OCC, PET, HDPE, aluminum cans and tin cans without preconditioning. Its extra heavy duty construction allows the HV’s to also bale painted aluminum siding, radiators,...

  • Other Products

  • Conveyor & Dump Cart

    Conveyor & Dump Cart

    Excel manufactures rubber belt and steel belt conveyors for both above ground and in-ground applications. Conveyor manufacturers, as well as baler manufacturers, Excel builds conveyors that are system engineered for our balers to provide maximum value and seamless conveyor to baler integration.