Extended Resource Management (ERM)

Extended Resource Management (ERM)

Extended Resource Management (ERM) brings IT accountability, transparency and real-time gate-to-gate tracking to global waste resource recycling. ERM ensures 100% disposal diversion and maximizes the sustainable reuse of these recycled resources. Renewable Resource Waste Stewardship invites everyone to equitably share in a sustainable recycling solution. Business leads the way. Government sets the goal. Community awareness, motivation and participation help all of us to responsibly recycle.

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Software vendor
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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems
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ERM Dynamics is a California based international Eco-IT development partnership. In 2008, we accepted the challenge and began this adventure to help change the world.

An eco-sustainable world economy is everyone's goal. Our solution-based strategies address and overcome the many adversities facing our world's fragile resource recycling eco-economy.

Current extended product waste management programs are burdened by obsolete theories, analysis paralysis, singular interests and antiquated technologies. All attempts to mediate these core issues have only furthered the adversarial relationships that now exist between business, government, advocacy groups and the world community.

Preserving and protecting our planet's resources while improving everyone's standard of living is supposed to be a good thing. Yet, no one can seem to agree on a fair and balanced solution. Our team of systems' designers and developers believe that doing the right thing, for the right reasons, is the right thing to do. Creating an equitable product's waste resource recycling solution became our primary objective.

An eco-economically viable resource recycling program must combine market-based business strategies with a global Enterprise technologies platform in order to provide an equitable, responsive and responsible extended product's management solution.

Our Extended Resource Management Enterprise platform is that solution. Its advanced technologies systemize and simplify all business practices and compliance concerns throughout the entire extended product processing, recycling and management solution.

Responsible actions, astute simplicity and the coordinated efforts of all Stakeholders are key platform components. Our innovative business methods, robust IT solutions and solid eco-economic policy standards will ensure all of us a more productive and sustainable future.

Producers, providers, governments and consumers become fully engaged via opportunity driven and incentive based independent Steward and Stewardship organizations.

Renewable Resource Stewardships (RRS) ensure 100% disposal diversion. RRS technologies incorporate cutting-edge software and hardware solutions with market-based eco-economic policies, processing and marketing to maximize the reuse of all these newly recycled resources.

Today, ERM Dynamics is proud to present a new and game-changing approach to the eco-economics of resource sustainability. Our platform is uniquely designed and built to meet the evolving demands of a 21st century eco-economy. The unified, practical, technology guided solutions of Extended Resource Management will most certainly help to better our world.

Our Solutions

  • Turn-key Product Stewardship Platform
  • Sustainable EPR Compliance Program
  • Standardized Collection Systems
  • Integrated Processing Services
  • Ensured Oversight and Compliance
  • User-Friendly Mobile/Cloud Interface