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Extreme Endeavors and Consulting was created to design reliable and robust equipment for the harshest conditions found anywhere on the earth. We have specialized in taking technology into the most remote and dangerous places imaginable. Extreme Endeavors and Consulting began operations in 1998, and added key personnel during a winter over stay in Antarctica in 1999. We began full time operations early on in 2000 and have been growing and researching a variety of engineering and development projects. Extreme Endeavors and Consulting has been providing engineering, management and support to many research and development activities, across a wide spectrum of fields. The company have been successful in providing services throughout the world to scientists and developmental firms.

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1063 Hickory Corner Rd. , Philippi , West Virginia 26416 USA

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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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What we do

Our Mission
Extreme Endeavors provides innovation that benefits humanity, people and community.  We make technology available to every person and remove the frustration behind technology and solve the customers problem.

Quality Products Combined with Scientific and Engineering Support that Provides Results!

What we do was best described by one of our mining customers when he stated:

“Extreme Endeavors is not a consultant, they are a scientific research and engineering team that provides results. A consultant is someone who talks, charges you money, and never accomplishes anything. There is a big difference between Extreme Endeavors and a consultant.”

We take a customer's problem and develop a solution to that problem centered around technology. The problem sometimes involves working with a truly austere environment (such as our work in Antarctica!). However, on most days our customers call on us to provide service that involves technology in a standard office or laboratory environment.  Either way, whether in the office or in the most extreme conditions nature can offer, we've got you covered!

One of the best ways to tell you what we do is to look at a standard work week as an Extreme Endeavors employee On Monday you arrive to finish preparing a control system to be installed, wiring up the last connector. The rest of your day is spent laying out a printed circuit board for a sensor interface. On Tuesday you find yourself down in a culvert at a mine, installing a float system that adds chemicals to clean the water being discharged from the mine. Wednesday is spent in preparation for Thursday's work, where you rappel into Hellhole cave to replace sensors. On Friday, a retirement home in the next city needs help with their computer systems, followed by a stop at the local Public Service District to help them diagnose the grounding problem that will not allow them to pump water.

Our team members have been involved in engineering for scientific operations, from Radio Astronomy operations to equipment development of scientific apparatus within Antarctica for the National Science Foundation. In addition, all of our Engineers are trained first responders.

We have achieved success by providing a high level of project management and organization to any task. Extreme Endeavors and Consulting was established with the basic principle that detail-oriented organization and a firm understanding of requirements are what allow development to be performed in a progressive and orderly manner. The quality of work and management provided by Extreme Endeavors and Consulting rivals any of our competitors and we have considerable experience in obtaining results in difficult and hazardous environments.