EYS Metal Ltd.

EYS Metal Ltd.

EYS is a one-stop solutions provider for your dewatering and composting needs. It serves multiple industries where separated solids and/or liquids from the original fiber-rich waste can be reclaimed as either by-products or to be fed back into the main process. Our company is ISO9001:2000 certified, as an indication of its commitment to quality, safety and reliability.

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Astim Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Hürriyet Mahallesi , Tepecik / AYDIN , Turkey

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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We are a one-stop-shop for all your manure management needs.

Whatever the size of your operation is, we design and implement the most practical manure management system for your farm from start to finish. Our solutions focus on minimizing your initial construction costs and maximizing long term operational savings. Starting with collection of the waste from right inside the barn until land application of the final processed product, you can rely on EYS’s industry leading solutions for a sustainable farm operation.

We not only offer you a well designed manure management system, but also turn your organic waste into an additional source of income for your operation.

Manure can be a real headache when not handled properly, but it can also become a valuable product when processed right. You can realize significant profits from your manure with our state-of-the-art composting and biogas solutions. And what’s more - you will be helping the environment for a more sustainable life on Earth.

Manure was never this exciting before!

With its more than 25 years of design and manufacturing experience, EYS is known for its attention to product quality in every detail as well as its unsurpassed focus on customer satisfaction.

We set the standard in what we do with our progressive product range, offering new solutions every year for the ever-changing needs of our customers around the world.

Exporting majority of its production, EYS is one of the leading manure management companies in the world today.

With an established sales network in more than 35 countries and thousands of satisfied customers across the globe, we are proud to be the preferred partner of progressive farmers around the world.

Our experience in different geographical conditions and with different environmental regulations add strength to our ever-growing experience base.