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  • Sales Services

    Sales Services

    F-DGSi, 1st French Manufacturer of Gas Generators has the widest range, in order to offer you the best gas solution for your new equipment needs, and to assure you that with a correct and fast maintenance, they will serve you in the future.

  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    F-DGSi, has its own Authorized Service Engineers and more than 50 distributors worldwide to install our gas generators in your environment. During the installation process, we will ensure that the product works as designed to meet your needs.

  • Relocation Services

    Relocation Services

    F-DGSi, offers its customers a relocation service for all instruments that it has installed or provided. Occasionally, clients move to expand and / or reduce their lab. F-DGSi can support uninstallation, re-installation and performance verification. We can also advise you on the specifications required for all the needs of your new laboratory, e.g. space to be allocated, gas supply, gas filtration, power outlets, environmental conditions and...

  • Advice


    F-DGSi, has expertisein all aspects of compressor making, through your air handling systems directly to your point of equipment and use. Our engineers specialize in the production of compressed air and gas generators and provide professional services for the selection and supply of new equipment, spare parts and associated service. We can also provide you with an audit, or a new gas system to keep your lab at F-DGSi performance and cost...

  • Rent or Lease Sale Services

    Rent or Lease Sale Services

    F-DGSi, offers the rental of a wide range of equipment for as long as you need from short term covers or for longer periods.If you need equipment over a short period or if you do not have the investment budget, rental is a good solution.

  • Parts Service / Consumables

    Parts Service / Consumables

    All our gas generators are manufactured and tested in our factory located in the Paris, France before being sent to your lab. Like any appliance, some parts sometimes need to be replaced following annual inspection visits or due to wear and tear. F-DGSi has a full stock of original spare parts at our head office located in the Paris region, allowing a very fast delivery the day after your order. If the item is not in stock, we offer a...

  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    Service plans and maintenance contracts. F-DGSi, also provides various service plans and maintenance contracts.

  • Hotline Contract Services

    Hotline Contract Services

    Do the maintenance yourself of gas generators without compressor. Designed for gas generators without compressor only. Designed for sites that can maintain their generators themselves because they have internal technical resources. Maintenance kit with step-by-step guide provided in advance by the management of a maintenance schedule managed by F-DGSi. 10% discount on maintenance kit and additional parts. 24/7 priority access to the hotline...

  • Day Ticket Contract

    Day Ticket Contract

    Peace of mind for your maintenance budget. One day of Service (labor / travel) discounted at 10%, which you buy at the beginning of the contract cover period on a dedicated device. Of course you can buy several. This “DAY ticket” gives an intervention priority on site and can be carried over to year n + 1 in case it is not consumed. The changed parts are invoiced in addition.

  • Essential Maintenance Contract

    Essential Maintenance Contract

    Travel, labor out of parts. For a smooth operation of your equipment throughout the year. This reduces their downtime. Our essential maintenance contract allows you to reduce significantly the curative interventions and, consequently, your operating costs and the constraints for your users.

  • Preventive Contract

    Preventive Contract

    Travel, labor, preventive parts included to increase the performance. For a smooth operation of your equipment throughout the year. This reduces their downtime. Our preventive maintenance allows you to significantly reduce the curative interventions and, therefore, your operating costs and the constraints for your users. Your equipment is integrated in our database. It is thus checked every year on the same date.

  • Gold Service

    Gold Service

    Total peace of mind to ensure optimal operation of your generator. It allows you to be carefree ! If you need help and do not subscribe to our “GOLD SERVICE” maintenance program, click here to talk to one of our Service Engineers or select your country where you are to find your nearest dealer from you.

  • Technical Problem Services

    Technical Problem Services

    F-DGSi has built a global reputation for efficiency and responsiveness in the event of unexpected failure and placing the customer first.

  • Gold Service, a Customer Service of Excellence

    Gold Service, a Customer Service of Excellence

    By investing in a F-DGSi gas generator, you buy more than just a generator and start a long partnership with F-DGSi. F-DGSi is proud to offer a very high quality customer service, wherever your laboratory is located.

  • 4Q Qualifications Services

    4Q Qualifications Services

    Some laboratories that are UKAS, ISO17025, 21CFR Part 11 or GLP accredited, it is often required that the instrument supplier performs the 4Q qualification on the instrument annually.

  • Guarantees Services

    Guarantees Services

    Register your equipment on our site to benefit from the guarantee on the date of installation and not on the date of delivery. When you buy a F-DGSi gas generator, your product is guaranteed for 12 months, parts (excluding consumables and wear parts that will have to be changed at the intervals indicated by F-DGSi) and labor at the date of delivery, provided that the equipment is used under the conditions indicated in the F-DGSI Operating Manual....