F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. specializes in products designed for use by health physics air monitoring specialists employed by nuclear facilities and environmental ambient air monitoring professionals. F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. is an industry leader in manufacturing state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled airflow calibration and air sampling systems. The company offers a very large variety of choices and price ranges for all the product lines that will satisfy the majority of needs for the air monitoring specialist.

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404 Cypress Road , Ocala , FL 34472 USA

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Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

Manufacturer of High Quality Air Samplers, Calibrators and Air Sampling Supplies

F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC. is a leading North American manufacturer of traditional and microprocessor based air sampling instruments and air flow calibration systems. New products include AC/DC air sampling systems for homeland security applications and solar powered air monitoring systems. F&J has recently introduced an ULTRA HIGH VOLUME AIR SAMPLER for CTBTO sampling programs, MEGA HIGH VOLUME air samplers and the F&J 'D' series high volume air samplers. F&J has developed two GLOBAL AIR SAMPLER electronic systems to operate its top of the line high volume and low volume air samplers.

F&J manufactures a feature rich and highly accurate 'World Calibrator' Series which interface with a PC, is multilingual (European and Asian languages) and represents the ultimate in end user customization.

F&J's portafolio of air sampling systems include tritium and C-14 collection systems, personal air samplers and its new lightweight ELITE DIGITAL LIGHT (EDL) high tech low volume air samplers.

F&J is the world's largest manufacturer of radioiodine collection cartridges utilized in NPP for collection of radioactive iodine isotopes. F&J manufactures four different particle sizes for TEDA impregnated charcoal cartridges and three different particle sizes for its silver zeolite cartridges.

F&J implements an ISO9001-2008 quality system and has received North American and European Community electrical safety certifications for many of its products.

F&J is seeking customers with a passion for scientific excellence, illustrated by their desire to achieve the greatest possible accuracy in their air sampling and airflow calibration measurements.

F&J wants customers who require rugged, reliable and technologically advanced instruments that will provide scientifically and legally credible measurement results and at the same time providing the customer with monetary savings by reducing the expensive manpower required for the operation, maintenance, calibration and manual data crunching involved with the use of traditional air sampling and airflow calibration systems.

The ideal F&J customer prefers to purchase technologically advanced products that are user friendly and posses many features that automate the air sampling phase of the pollutant measurement process. Several of these selectable features are as follows:

  • Automatic Flow control
  • Automatic shut-off on time or sample volume
  • RS232 communication port
  • Data storage or data communication accessories
  • Digital display of measured parameters
  • Selection of flow and volume engineering units
  • Correction of flow rate and volumes to a reference temperature and pressure
  • Operability in wide temperature range environments

For nearly three decades, F&J SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC has been leading the field in the design and manufacture of high performance advanced technology digital airflow calibration and air sampling systems in the nuclear power industry.

Operating from its Florida facilities in the USA, it serves customers at a global scale on six continents.

With the ability to supply microprocessor-controlled instruments for the air monitoring specialists of radiation protection departments, F&J provides equipment that is more accurate, reliable and automated while introducing monetary savings in the operation, calibration and training functions necessary to support radiation protection air monitoring programs.

Today, all of our products are manufactured to internationally recognized product safety standards and many bear the mark certification for North America, or the European Community product safety standards. F&J also provides reliable and responsive customer service.


F&J's state-of-the-art air sampling and airflow calibration systems provide a fully digital system that can interface with a centralized computer system for efficient operations of remote and unattended air sampling/monitoring stations.

The diversity of our product line allows air monitoring specialists to select from traditional analog air sampling designs, basic yet powerful feature-rich digital designs to comprehensive digital systems integrating the digital air sampling system with other instruments such as radiation detectors, meteorlogical stations, GPS and various communication options.

The comprehensive air sampler digital systems are illustrated by systems employing F&J's GLOBAL AIR SAMPLER electronic designs.

The GLOBAL AIR SAMPLER designs are utilized in the following high tech applications:

  1. Isokinetic air sampling systems
  2. Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization air sampling programs
  3. Remote and unattended ambient air sampling systems

The F&J 'World Calibrator' series represents the ultimate in enduser flexibility. Operator selectable features include the following:

  • Multilingual PC interfaceble program
  • Selection of Reference Temperature and Pressure
  • Selection of engineering units for flow, temperature and pressure
  • Selection of Volumetric flow or mass flow
  • Selection of 'At Reading' or 'Full Scale' accuracy
  • Volume totalization calibration
  • Semi-automatic calibration with F&J digital air samplers
  • Printable customizable calibration report
  • File archiving feature
  • High accuracy: ±1% Full Scale
  • Flow ranges up to 600 SCFM

Accuracy, automation and reliability are the primary requirements for nuclear industry radiation air sampling/monitoring protection program instruments. Advanced-technology instruments are required to reduce the labor-intensive demands of traditional analog air sampling instruments in today's manpower shortage environment.

With this in mind, government agencies of the USA and in multiple foreign countries, a large number of commercial nuclear power plants on four continents, several military organizations and numerous nuclear research facilities and/or environmental consulting firms have chosen F&J as their primary supplier for the instruments, consumables and accessories they use in the radiation protection air monitoring programs.

F&J product lines have proven be a comprehensive flexible solution programs providing air monitoring specialists the tools they need to comply with their job responsibilities in an efficient and regulatorily acceptable manner.

F&J operates a very sophisticated airflow calibration laboratory whose results are traceable to the National Institue of Standards and Technology (NIST). F&J can calibrate its digital airflow calibrators and digital air samplers to four different reference standards for temperature and pressure.

The F&J air flow calibration laboratory can calibrate low flow instruments in the < 100 ccm range up to 1000 CFM.

F&J can fabricate custom air flow calibration systems to customer specifications.