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FAI Instruments

FAI Instruments began as engineering and manufacturing company specialized in professional instruments for monitoring and measuring atmospheric pollution. We now plan to develop high tech instruments, in accordance with the latest European and international standards, certified by independent bodies. Our design standards insure our instruments have extensive internal quality controls providing maximum functioning reliability and output data availability. The technical assistance and technical-scientific support services which we offer, will be accurate and professional. We offer our experience to our customers. We are available for joint agreements for research campaigns and experimentation of new technology. Our clients are public companies, which deal with atmospheric pollution control, either in the field of institutional control or for experimentation and research.

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Via Aurora, 15 , Fonte Nouva , Roma 00013 Italy

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Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

Our clients are also private companies, interested in the control of industrial installations and bordering areas with high levels of environmental pollution.

Our strong points are the high technological level of our products and the quality assistance and consultation services we offer.

We hope that our services make a small contribution to better the air we all breath.

We want to invest our energy and resources in the development of new instruments to guarantee more and more complete, efficient and reliable measurement of atmospheric pollution. At the moment, we are particularly involved in the sector of the fine particulate matter.

We plan to increase our productive capacity in order to satisfy growing market demands. A market which is becoming more and more oriented towards the purchase of high tech instruments, assuring always accurate and reliable data.

We want to broaden our horizons. We are expanding our interests in the foreign market, particularly in the European Market. In Europe we be working with a substantial support system, able to stipulate commercial and technical agreements with important foreign partners.

Our company's fundamental goal is to work on the continuous improvement of our internal processes, with a system quality management in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.