FCBI was founded in 1990. Our first focus was helping emerging markets develop, especially those in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. There was massive opportunity for companies who knew how to do business with the West, and we were there to help them make the right connections. We’ve grown steadily, organically and profitably ever since the early days. Today, we help companies deal with the impact of changing technology, as well as supporting emerging markets. FCBI has over 200 talented, hardworking people in the UK and USA working on projects around the world.

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Publishing company
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Publishing / Media / Marketing
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Globally (various continents)
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Business, technology and policy are changing faster than ever before. We provide our clients with clarity in the chaos.

The global economy is changing. Markets are shifting, technology is evolving at high speed, and policy and regulatory frameworks adapt continuously to keep pace.

This changing business world provides real opportunities for companies to grow. But in order to succeed, they need clarity of purpose, confidence in their capabilities and the right connections.

Our dedicated industry teams help companies to:

  • understand how their industries are changing
  • solve the problems they face as markets evolve
  • identify growth opportunities
  • develop the strategies and relationships that are critical to success

Some of our achievements so far:

  • Produced conferences from Beijing to Caracas, from Islamabad to Moscow, from Kiev to the Ivory Coast, and from Budapest to San Francisco.
  • Supported and promoted our conference activities through destination industry websites in the mid-1990s – making us a pioneer of digital marketing.
  • Helped define and direct the online video and audio streaming industry through Developed Streaming Media, a conference, trade show, magazine and website brand. It grew by 40,000% in three years and was purchased by a major media corporation in 2000.
  • Ran the 2005 UN Global Compact Leaders’ Summit in New York and helped roll out this Summit worldwide.
  • Led the Independent Working group in Responsible Business for the UK Conservative Party under David Cameron. 

As part of our conference work, we have hosted speakers including:

  • Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General
  • Rilwanu Lukman, Secretary General of OPEC
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Steven Hawking
  • Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan

We offer help in the sectors where it’s needed most, using specialist industry knowledge to promote development

Spotting a need

When changes happen in an emerging or disrupted industry, we identify which groups would benefit from information, guidance, or the support of a partnership.   

We then focus on improving our knowledge and influence so we can drive debate and help organisations determine their strategy, supporting them as they develop.

Inside knowledge

We work in small groups, getting deeply involved in our specialist areas of industry. Whether we’re producing content, organising conferences or writing reports, our work is built on year-round, in-depth research in the industries we cater for – both on and offline.

Starting as observers, we quickly become trusted partners, guiding and advising our clients on how the future’s developing.

Innovative and forward-thinking

Our industry teams have great deal of autonomy, giving them the freedom to lead the way and find the most beneficial approach for the businesses we work with.

We encourage new ideas, and good practice is shared across our company to improve our capability and growth.

We help people connect and learn from each other

Getting people together

Our events are exactly that… our events. Each one is independent, impartial, and built from the ground up through extensive in-depth research, whether it’s a tightly-focused niche-interest meeting, or a large-scale industry summit.

Making connections online

Today’s business relationships are built online as well as face to face. We offer our clients tools and techniques to do business virtually. From webinars, our own networking forums and third-party social networks to mobile applications, if it helps people connect, we’ll be early adopters.

A hub of knowledge

Our websites are the core of our activities. Each one offers a wealth of research-based articles about the areas we work in, created by a global network of expert contributors. It’s not just dry news, either – we focus on editorial and opinion pieces to keep readers engaged as well as informed.

We get information others can’t

To help our clients determine their strategy, our teams research the most difficult business questions. Whether it’s studies on the progress of emerging technologies, data on fast-moving markets, or updates on regulatory change, we’re always up to speed.