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  • Hydrological Instruments

    We also offer hydrological instruments which are used for various types of measurements and data analysis such as measuring flow of water, water level. These instruments include: Water Level Recorder, Water Quality Monitoring, Ultrasonic and magnetic Flow Meters.

  • Felix - Dissolved Oxygen (DO Sensor) for Water Quality Monitoring

    Felix - Dissolved Oxygen (DO Sensor) for Water Quality Monitoring

    Dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements tells how much oxygen is available in the water for fish and other aquatic organisms to breathe. Healthy waters generally have high levels of DO (some areas, like swamps, naturally have low levels of DO). DO sensors us an oxygen-permeable membrane that sets up a current that indicates the level of oxygen present. These sensors often can read DO in the range of saturation (about 8 ppm) down to the part per billion...

  • Felix - Water Quality - Turbidity Sensor

    Felix - Water Quality - Turbidity Sensor

    Turbidity sensor measures from 0 to 3000 NTU and includes a user-programmable cleaning system to remove any fouling or debris that could otherwise affect readings.

  • Felix - Pressurized Tank

    Felix - Pressurized Tank

    Measuring principle: Ultrasonic pulse-echo, noninvasive. Vessel material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, other metals, glass, plastic materials. Measuring interval: Selectable, 100 ms ... 500 s.

  • Felix - Radar Level Meters

    Felix - Radar Level Meters

    Non-contact measurement. Unaffected by dust generation. Not influenced by filling noise. High dynamic range of the sensor.