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IEP Technologies is a new company formed from four leading explosion protection companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. Our mission is to offer leading edge explosion protection solutions to our customers worldwide. We will do this by designing the best protection solutions, manufacturing innovative explosion protection components; providing precise applications engineering; and supporting our systems with responsive sales/service.

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Health and Safety
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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

We use our shared technologies, system design methodologies and application experience to produce active and passive explosion protection solutions for combustible dust and vapor threats anywhere in the world.

IEP Technologies heritage can be traced back to the first application of industrial explosion protection in the early 1950s. Graviner Ltd., under a contract from the British government, developed a suppression system to mitigate explosions resulting from the penetration of fuel tanks on combat aircraft.

Graviner recognized the value of the technology they had invented and how it could be applied in the protection of industrial processes against the threat of industrial gas and dust explosions. A range of pressure detectors and high rate discharge (HRD) suppressors charged with liquid Halon were developed and deployed in the world’s first Industrial Explosion Protection (IEP) systems. By 1959, Graviner systems had successfully mitigated some 35 industrial explosions. Today, IEP Technologies successfully suppresses 2 to 4 industrial explosions every month.

Graviner licensed the technology to Fenwal in 1959. Both independently developed their technology, expanded their markets and grew their product lines to meet the demands of a global marketplace. In 2000, together with INCOM, they came together as trading entities of the Kidde Group. This gave them the unique opportunity to consolidate and focus their collective experience and resources as the world’s leading expert on industrial explosion protection.

IEP Technologies can point to thousands of IEP systems installed over the last 60 years together with the unmatched expertise of our scientists and engineers and a vast database of explosion protection test results and practical applications. We have led the way with a number of notable innovations:

  • The establishment of a testing facility and calibrated test method for precise and repeatable results to be used in design verification;
  • The evolution of computer-aided design for protection of vessels through determination of expected reduced explosion pressures for each vessel in a protected plant complex;
  • The development of full scale explosion protection trials to validate design support tools;
  • The use of full scale application design trials to provide data to quantify the reliability of system designs.
    • Belt/bucket elevator legs based on modular hardware
    • The mitigation of dissociation reaction explosions in unstable materials like ethylene oxide.
    • Interconnected vessel explosion propagation trials (explosion isolation)
  • The introduction of product innovations, such as a unique bimodal powder suppressant, a false activation immune dynamic pressure detector and multi-zone configurable control equipment;
  • Advanced calculation tool for the design of connection protection – delivering clear guidance on the effective placement of isolation valves or chemical extinguishing barriers;
  • Unique methodology for quantifying the performance (reliability) of explosion protection measures to improve system design robustness;

The four companies of IEP Technologies combine to offer our customers the widest range of explosion protection options, including:

  • Explosion suppression systems
  • Chemical and mechanical (both active and passive)explosion isolation systems
  • Explosion venting products
  • Flameless explosion venting products
  • Suppression/venting hybrid systems

Product testing services – including determination of combustion properties such as Kst and Pmax – are performed on a contract basis at the IEP Technologies Combustion Research Center in Holliston, MA, USA. Applications engineering is provided at our locations in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Switzerland and field services are available anywhere in the world.