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  • Design

  • Classic Design Process Services

    Classic Design Process Services

    You have a phenomenal new product idea and you know that time to market is a compelling factor in whether the product will reach its full potential. The simpler you can keep the process, the less chance that mistakes will be made and costs ramp up. So let's be honest, this Classic Design Process rarely happens in sequential order. Design isn't a linear process - often, the results at each stage demand that we take some steps backwards, reframe and...

  • Electronics Design Services

    Electronics Design Services

    Markets, companies and products are continually in flux and electronic product owners are often responding to competing demands and pressures. As product manufacturers ourselves, we know how challenging this can be, and recognise the importance of having a supplier who has your back.

  • Full Product Design Services

    Full Product Design Services

    The joy of developing a new product is all about the enthusiasm for the idea. When we start a new project, we’re committed to feeling the same sense of excitement that you do. We’re dedicated to helping make your R&D vision a reality, becoming an extension of your own team.

  • Intellectual Property Support Services

    Intellectual Property Support Services

    Developing new products is a minefield of uncertainties, particularly when it comes to protecting your IP. What steps must you take to ensure that you retain control of your idea? Can it even be patented? Is there anyone else out there who's already doing what you're doing? Even when you're ready to start protecting your idea, the process is expensive, time consuming, and distracts from important work on the technology itself.

  • Quality Control Services

    Quality Control Services

    We know that words are not enough, your proof is the finished product. Quality control systems play a vital role in everything we do because when it comes down to it, we are only as good as the product we make for you. At the outset of all new customer relationships we discuss not only the product specifications but how we both want the relationship to work, setting clear expectations for service delivery, communication and response times. In this way...

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain Management Services

    Supply Chain Management Services

    At the core of any reliable contract manufacturer is its ability to build, maintain and challenge its supply chain for optimal supply. Under the direction of Brett Tolhurst, we have a formidable supply chain team that works tirelessly to ensure we can provide reliable product and lead times at competitive pricing.

  • PCB Assembly Services

    PCB Assembly Services

    FermionX has an extensive PCBA capability which allows us to successfully support from basic to the most complex designs, across a wide range of demanding applications within the tightest time frames. Over the years we have developed stringent controls over our process control systems so we can quickly identify areas to streamline production. Our customers benefit from price stability and reduced number of components to stock and manage.

  • Box Build Assembly Services

    Box Build Assembly Services

    Success in manufacturing comes down to four factors: communication, quality, speed and price. We help our customers to simplify their supply chain and reduce their lead times, get products to market faster and win more business. Not only are box-build solutions more cost-effective than internal builds, they also offer the strategic advantage of reducing your number of suppliers. That's a significant competitive advantage in both speed and cost - and...

  • Atex Product Build Capability Services

    Atex Product Build Capability Services

    ATEX is a French abbreviation of Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosibles (Devices for use in explosive atmospheres). Consisting of two European Union (EU) directives, it focuses on: The employees potentially at risk using equipment in explosive atmospheres (Directive 99/92/EC), and; The manufacturing of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (Directive 94/9/EC).

  • Logistics and Distribution Services

    Logistics and Distribution Services

    Managing the final stage of product delivery - it's an element that's often overlooked by contract manufacturers, but is crucial for getting products to customers in good condition. We have carefully selected logistics partners with a reputation for good delivery service and open communication, we trust them to carry our products throughout UK and the world. For customers in Sussex we provide our own dedicated delivery. This comes with guaranteed...

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  • Service and Repair

    Service and Repair

    We have introduced fixed price servicing for all our JD pumps, inclusive of all consumable parts, but excluding major parts e.g. batteries/pumps etc. We aim to turn these around in around 10-15 days. Units are required to be returned to us in our free issue de-contamination bags, which are available upon request.