FF-Automation Oy

FF-Automation Oy

FF-Automation has over 39 years of experience in Designing and Manufacturing AutoLog automation products and solutions for thousands of remote monitoring and controlling projects and original equipment manufacturers (OEM). AutoLog products and solutions are designed and manufactured in Finland. FF-Automation`s core automation business is supplying complete solutions for remote monitoring and controlling applications. Important part of our business is also supplying automation controllers, HMIs and solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and automation system integrators. FF-Automation has a worldwide network of AutoLog partners ready to serve you.

Company details

Meijerikuja 5 , Valkeakoski , 37600 Finland
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:

FF-Automation wants to form long term partnership with companies which want to outsource their automation.

Typical projects:

Monitoring and controlling geographically widely distributed facilities via GSM network:
(The list of existing applications bellow):

OEM data logging solutions from device or -machinevia GSM network to Internet Cloud SCADA:
(The list of existing applications bellow):

Remote monitoring and control solutions via UHF radio and TETRA network:
(The list of existing applications bellow):

WSN-868 MHz Wireless I/O & -Sensor Network solutions
(The list of existing applications bellow):

  • Bus deposit heating control systems
  • Tankage area monitoring and controlling systems
  • Battery operated monitoring systems
  • Battery operated temporarily installed test systems
  • Building moisture and heater control systems with IoT datalogging
  • Any Modbus to wireless I/O solution

Main Products

  • AutoLog ControlMan Cloud SCADA
  • AutoLog GSM-RTUs
  • AutoLog RTUs
  • AutoLog OEM
  • AutoLog Wireless I/O & Sensor Network
  • AutoLog Radio Modems
  • Touchscreens with Indusoft HMI
  • Indusoft SCADA (with AutoLog GSM-RTU driver)

Complete Solutions

  • RTUs & Remote Monitoring Systems via GSM Network
  • RTUs & Remote Monitoring Systems via TETRA Network
  • RTUs & Remote Monitoring Systems via UHF-Radio Network
  • RTUs & Remote Monitoring Systems with Cloud based SCADA
  • RTUs & Remote Monitoring Systems with Web based SCADA
  • RTU & Remote Monitoring Systems for OEM customers

Complete Solutions for Remote Monitoring & Control

FF-Automation supplies complete SCADA solutions for remote monitoring and control. Complete solution not only includes RTUs, SCADA and communication equipments but also services like system design, factory- and site acceptance tests, training, maintenance, support and spare part guarantee. The goal of our company is to have long term and successful relationships with our customers by giving more value to their business with better products and services.

AutoLog Products

AutoLog ControlMan Could SCADA

FF-Automation have modern Cloud SCADA service called AutoLog ControlMan which gives very low cost, long term and almost completely outsourced and maintenance free solution for remote monitoring and control applications for companies which don’t want to tie their own resources to automation.>>

AutoLog RTUs for GSM-, Radio, TETRA, TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-485 Networks

AutoLog RTUs have been designed, manufactured, and configured in Finland by FF-Automation since 1976. Three decades of continuous product development and close co-operation with our customers and partners can be seen in the reliability and usability of these products. For example world's biggest oil and gas producer companies trust their production on AutoLog RTU devices. AutoLog RTUs can communicate using almost any network, including GSM-, Radio, TETRA, TCPI/IP, RS-232, RS-485 etc. >>

Application Areas

Remote Monitoring and Contol

AutoLog RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) are used in many industry areas all over the world. Bellow is the list of our most active application areas. Anyway AutoLog RTUs are not tied to any specific applications; using its modular I/O and freely programmed application program and high connectivity, it can be used in almost any remote supervision and control application. Certified AutoLog System Integrators can focus on certain application area using their special knowledge.

AutoLog RTUs for Cathodic Protection Monitoring

AutoLog Cathodic Protection (CP) monitoring system monitors CP rectifier’s impressed current, voltage and optionally pipe-to-soil potential. RTU performs CP rectifier measurements and sends data to centralized SCADA server via base station and backhaul network. Users can interface with the system using normal Web browser. >>

AutoLog SaveLight – Street light management system

SaveLight gives up to 65% energy savings by optimizing burning times and dimming at off-peak traffic hours. It also gives substantial maintenance cost savings by detecting burned lamps.     It allows remote street lights control so lights can be easily controlled ON/OFF on special situations. SaveLight is based on AutoLog ControlMan. >>

OEM solutions

FF-Automation designs and manufacturers tailor made PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and RTUs for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Optimizing the I/O and integrating HMI and other special features into compact module gives very cost effective solution. Customers like pump station-, autoclave- or special visitor counter solution manufacturers gets FF-Automation as flexible, reliable and long term partner. >>

Other applications

AutoLog RTUs are used successfully in many remote monitoring and control application areas like oil & water tank level monitoring, gas wellheads and pipeline stations, pumping stations, environmental monitoring, flood detection systems, building automation, bus pits, district heating systems, base station and power station monitoring, cold station monitoring, flow meter monitoring etc.

Remote Monitoring & Control (Abstract)

Today’s technology gives efficient and reliable ways to monitor and control distant and widely located sites remotely from the office. During recent years Remote Monitoring Systems have been replacing manual measurement recordings. Manual measurement recording is huge job which reserves expensive work forces for travelling between widely located and difficult to access sites. >>

Working with Certified AutoLog System Integrators (CSI)

FF-Automation has capacity to make projects with our own project team, but our main goal is to work with our worldwide network of Certified AutoLog System Integrators. Together, we have strong capacity to serve our customers around the world, from the product design and manufacturing level to complete turnkey project commissioning, training and maintenance. We are continuously searching new system integrators