F.G.M. engineering srl

F.G.M. engineering srl

F.G.M. engineering: a wide range of well-established technologies for removing pollutants and odour from industrial waste air, vents and flue gas. F.G.M. engineering srl expertise in odor control, gas purification and liquid wastes treatment. Giovanni is still present as an external consultant and he represents the past warranting the know-how. He is our `living-encyclopedia`, but I personally have the mission to translate his knowledge about industrial air pollution and odour control into solutions, turn-key treatment plants and furthermore to bring my company in the future. Due to our geographical position we strongly dealed with pollution problems connected to tanneries activity: believe me, if you have never smelled the air around a tannery, you cannot say `this is a pesky smell` or `this wastewater is really polluted`.

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Via Salvador Allende, 6/8 , S.Croce S/Arno (PI) , PISA 56029 Italy
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Air Pollution Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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I was 26 when my father gave to me and my sister the opportunity to play the game as CEO and founder of a company. On May 2014 F.G.M. engineering srl opened its doors and - in order to emphasize on the fact it was opened by the two sons - we called it F.G.M., which stands for 'Figli di Giovanni Magozzi' and it sounds like 'Sons of Giovanni Magozzi'.

We developed our core business around Air pollution and odour control treatment plants, not only in tannery, but even in:

  • Solid wastes treatment, such as organic wastes composting plants, landfills and waste collection/recycling centers
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: hoods
  • Oil and gas: biogas purification from H2S and Silxanes
  • Agrifood industry, such as rendering plants pollution control, poultry/manure stabilization
  • Sewage and waste water nuisance odour control

As a family company we founded our principles on honesty, strong attachment to customer loyalty and high quality standards of our products. We are going to maintain a lean structure as long it will be possible, since we would adapt to customer needs. Thus our turn key plants are designed to last along time, avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Our business strategy focuses in maintaining high quality standards, instead of sell the plant at 'any cost' penalizing its correct functionality, then trying to recover money with expensive maintenance.

We share capital with our workshop Aiteco srl. They make 'our dreams come true' through the custom fabrication of plastic material devices (mostly wet scrubbers) and on site installation and after sale service. 

During the executive fabrication, F.G.M engineering and Aiteco are so well-collaborative to be confused.

For the next future, I dream to further improve product quality through business process. Foreign international market is the next target.