Fiberglass Well Systems

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  • Casing and Screens

    Casing and Screens

    The entire downhole assembly is comprised of the singular 'HP' Epoxy/Fiberglass material. This product contains no foreign elements which could compromise the groundwater sample. Each casing assembly is manufactured to the exacting specifications as determined by this document. F.W.S. adheres to a rigid, comprehensive quality control program to ensure the high standard of product produced.Standard monitor well applications use a 450 PSI screen stock...

  • Horizontal Well Drilling

    Horizontal Well Drilling

    This leading edge technology enables the contractor to place a single horizontal or liquid product recovery well into the contaminated zone in a very narrow vertical plane. This technology has been used in the Oil Industry as well as the Environmental Industry with overwhelming success. F.W.S. has participated with a major government financed group in the installation of pilot research and development wells that have been placed in high security...